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‘Angel’ Cast Reunites for EW Cover!

The cast of Angel has reunited for an Entertainment Weekly cover, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show! Read the article in the press library, watch the clip below, and view the cover & photoshoot in the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy!

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– Scans From 2019 > Entertainment Weekly (US) – June 28
– From 2019 > Session 002

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Regular Role for Amy in ‘The Flare’?

EW is reporting that Amy has been cast as an “eccentric physician” in the upcoming series, The Flare — this suggests that Amy has a recurring or regular role… Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

The Grinder never settles, but he is willing to reunite with an old friend.

Rob Lowe — who starred with Fred Savage in the short-lived, underappreciated 2015-2016 comedy The Grinder — will team up with his former castmate on Fox again for an episode of Savage’s summer series, What Just Happened??!, EW has learned.

Savage stars as the host of the series — which is essentially a mega-meta parody of a Talking Dead-esque aftershow — that will analyze the events in a fictional drama titled The Flare, a sci-fi series based on a fake book series titled The Moon is the Sun, of which Savage is a massive fan. Playing himself, Lowe will pop up on the first episode of Savage’s aftershow as a couch guest and celebrity fan.

What Just Happened??! features in-studio interviews with celebrity guests like Lowe and members of The Flare‘s cast, and includes visits to the set of The Flare. The show at the center of Savage’s obsession centers on an unusual solar event that impacts a small, blue-collar town, and soon mushrooms into a tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

It was previously announced that Taylor Tomlinson plays Savage’s co-host while Best Coast serves as the aftershow’s house band. And right here, EW can reveal the cast of The Flare, which includes some familiar faces. Shiri Appleby plays Lisa, a gritty loner with a dark past who serves as the leader of the pack, and Guillermo Diaz plays Stan, a conservative family man whose “eventual desperation will cause him to stop at nothing to fight for those he cares about,” according to a character description. Kevin Zegers has been cast as Chester, a studly handyman who will realize that he needs to heed the call to save the world. Duane Reed is Reverend Cooper, a man of the cloth whose faith will be tested. Sola Bamis plays Grace, his seemingly gentle pregnant wife with a few skeletons in her closet. Kai Wener is Boyd, their overemotional son. Tyler Ritter assumes the role of “Man with No Voice,” who is described as an “emaciated, unhinged lunatic with a disfigured face.” Meanwhile, Amy Acker has been cast as Rachel Layne, an eccentric physician, and Sprague Grayden plays Sheriff Amy, a personable sheriff of a nearby town “who has managed to keep her true nature a secret from everyone around her.”

What Just Happened???, which Savage created with Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, debuts June 30.

Source: EW

Recent Events & Additional ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stills

The gallery has been updated with recent events that Amy attended, along with additional Grey’s Anatomy stills; links & previews are below, enjoy!

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New Guest Appearance!

Amy has revealed on her official Instagram account that she has filmed a guest appearance on a new TV show titled, The Flare! It will air this Summer on FOX.

Having done a little digging, the show has been inspired by The Moon Is The Sun At Night by T.J. Whitford.

Want to get up to speed on the show? A solar flare has wiped out everything we rely on in society. Even weirder, this flare has erased people’s memories. Only one man can remember how it used to be, and it’s more bizarre than not having wi-fi.

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THIS SUMMER @theflaretv on FOX?

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‘The Gifted’ 2×14-2×16 Captures & Additional Stills

HQ captures from episodes 14-16 of The Gifted have now been added to the gallery, as well as additional stills for episodes 15 & 16. Links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
– Production Stills
– 2×14 – calaMity Captures
– 2×15 – Monsters Captures
– 2×16 – oMens Captures

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‘The Gifted’ Cancelled

To be honest, I was sadly expecting this announcement.

Fox has opted not to renew its sophomore drama series The Gifted for a third season. The family adventure series, set in Marvel’s X-Men universe, comes from 20th Century Fox TV, which now is part of Disney.

I hear that there have been no real conversations but there is a chance for The Gifted to find a new home within the Disney family. The show is produced by Marvel Television, which currently has series on Disney-owned Freeform and Disney-controlled Hulu. (Disney+’s Marvel series come from the company’s movie division.)

The Gifted was well received by critics, with its second season scoring even higher on Rotten Tomatoes (85% vs. 74% for Season 1.) But the drama was a soft performer in linear ratings for Fox in its second season, which wrapped in February. The Gifted‘s second season averaged a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating in Live+7, about half of its Season 1 average (2.0), and 3.3 million viewers.

Because Fox no longer has ownership in the series, linear ratings play a bigger role in the broadcast network’s renewal decisions. (Like most genre series, The Gifted does well in online viewing).

The Gifted is one of two genre dramas to launch on Fox in fall 2017. The other, The Orville, also from 20th TV, is expected to be renewed.

The Gifted, from writer Matt Nix, focuses on a suburban couple (Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker) whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White also star.

Source: Deadline