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Amy Acker Joins ‘Common Law’ Pilot

Good news! Several sources are reporting that Amy has signed up for a new TV pilot for USA Network; a buddy cop dramedy titled Common Law — and playing the only female regular role as the therapist — some details are below. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this! :)

Whedon-vet Amy Acker (“Angel”, “Dollhouse”) has joined the cast of the new USA network buddy cop dramedy “Common Law”, according to Deadline.

The show, which stars Michael Ealy (“Sleeper Cell”) and Warren Kole (“24”), centers on ”polar opposite LAPD homicide detectives Wes Mitchell (Kole) and Travis Marks (Ealy) whose constant bickering prompts their captain to send them to couples counseling”.

Acker, whose last TV gig was in the short-lived “Happy Town” for ABC, will play the therapist on the show. Film wise, she next appears in the Whedon produced “Cabin in the Woods”.

Source: Moviehole

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‘Man Up’ Press Release

The press release for Amy’s upcoming guest spot on episode 11×11 of CSI is now available and it does indeed confirm Amy’s appearance — I wasn’t wholly sure of IMDB’s reliability due to the lack of news — the episode shall be airing on January 6, 2011 on CBS. Details are under the cut due to minor spoilers.

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Happy New Year, Rare Scans & ‘Cabin’ Update

Happy New Year, everyone! We have several Amy projects to look forward to this year, so far: the CSI guest appearance; the independent movie, Sironia; and the Drew Goddard-Joss Whedon movie, The Cabin in the Woods — apparently MGM have now overcome their financial difficulties so the movie is expected to once again be part of the 2011 theatre lineup. However, according to Obsessed with Film, the 3D conversion never happened, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that.

Lastly, a small gallery update today to celebrate the new year; rare scans from 2002 & 2003 respectively. A preview is to your right & the gallery links are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
Scans From 2002 > Cinescape (US) – May
Scans From 2003 > Dance Spirit (US) – February

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Upcoming Guest Appearance on ‘CSI’!

A quick glance at Amy’s IMDB profile showed that Amy has filmed a guest spot on Crime Scene Investigation (aka CSI) which shall be airing on January 6, 2011 on CBS so be sure to check your local listings for the times!

The episode, 11×11, is titled ‘Man Up’ and Amy’s character is called Sandy Colfax, but sadly, Amy doesn’t seem to be featured in any of the promotional stills that have been released. However, we’ll be sure to add screencaptures shortly after the episode has aired. :)

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‘Angel’ 4×09-4×11 DVD Captures

Until No Ordinary Family screencaps are added, I’ve updated the gallery with another batch of HQ DVD screencaptures from season 4 of Angel, thus over 400 images have been added; links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
4×09 – Long Day’s Journey Captures
4×10 – Awakening Captures
4×11 – Soulless Captures

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Recurring Role For ‘No Ordinary Family’?

A little late, I know, but unfortunately my time online is very limited at the moment and I’ve been having problems with my internet connection, but on with the news!

It appears that Amy was also in episode 1×08 of No Ordinary Family, titled ‘No Ordinary Accident’, albeit briefly — the synopsis for the episode is available under the cut. However, BSC Review has a write-up of the episode (spoiler alert!) and suggests that Amy’s role is recurring since it follows on from the previous episode, but there’s still no clue if Amy’s character will be back again in future episodes. Here’s to hoping!

Screencaps of both episodes shall be added very soon. Again, sorry to keep you waiting, guys!

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