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Posted by Angie on October 24th, 2011 with Comments Off

Big news today!

Apparently, Joss Whedon has secretly made a film; his interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing — and Amy is playing the lead of Beatrice, opposite Alexis Denisof! There are also a host of other familiar names, including Sean Maher; Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Fran Kranz; Reed Diamond (Dollhouse) and Tom Lenk (Buffy).

According to the Official Website and it’s press release, the film was shot in black & white over 12 days on location in Santa Monica. Principle photography has been completed and the film should be fully completed by Spring 2012 with the aim of heading for the [film] festival circuit.

How exciting! :)

Much Ado About Nothing News & Projects
Posted by Angie on October 17th, 2011 with Comments Off

What a lovely surprise! Amy’s role in upcoming movie Sironia, is in fact, the lead, and not a small part as I’d been led to believe — as confirmed by the Official Website — which also contains a wealth of information, including production stills & a trailer, of which screencaptures have been added to the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy! :)

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Gallery Updates Sironia
Posted by Angie on October 3rd, 2011 with Comments Off

I managed to come across the ‘official’ page for Amy’s upcoming movie, Dear Santa, on the production company website which contains a lovely piece of keyart… and a trailer! I am unable to screencap this at the moment, unfortunately, but it does contain lots of scenes with Amy. It’s wonderful to see her in something new. :)

We also have another synopsis — which makes a lot more sense than Amazon’s version, in my opinion; posted below. Enjoy!

Wealthy socialite Crystal (Amy Acker – Alias; Angel) finds a sad letter from a little girl asking Santa for a special gift – a new wife for her daddy – and decides this is her chance to change her destiny forever.

Derek (David Haydn Jones – Judging Amy; Buffy The Vampire Slayer) is a model father to seven-year-old Olivia, but a lonely widower and devoted to the local soup kitchen. In contrast, twenty-eight-year-old Crystal is drifting through life with no purpose, spending her time shopping and partying in New York. After discovering Olivia’s letter to Santa she sets out to find the family, tracking Derek down to his beloved soup kitchen where she is mistaken for a volunteer. Suddenly stylish Crystal is donning a hair net and helping out on a regular basis. As she bonds with Olivia and a connection forms with Derek, will their fate be sealed forever?

Dear Santa
Posted by Angie on September 30th, 2011 with Comments Off

There’s an article at which briefly mentions that Sironia is one of the films selected to appear at this year’s Austin Film Festival in the ‘Texas Independents’ category — Amy has a small role in this film. The official website for the AFF states that it will be the world premiere & there’s a synopsis available; posted below.

Real life singer-songwriter and co-writer Wes Cunningham portrays Thomas, a man who has been chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood music machine. A once ambitious musician, he impulsively moves with his pregnant wife to a small town called Sironia, Texas in search of authenticity and purpose in his life. While there, he gladly joins the ranks of the locals including his brother-in-law and Texas socialite sister-in-law. As time passes, he grows more and more frustrated with his life, sinking further and further into failure. Denying the help from the people of Sironia, including his close friends and loving family, he slips into alcoholism and despair only to be saved by his own music.

The AFF opens on October 20, 2011. Hopefully, Amy shall make an appearance! :)

Posted by Angie on September 30th, 2011 with Comments Off

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, it’s been super quiet!

However, we finally have some news on Amy’s Christmas movie, titled Dear Santa — it looks like it’s going to be a straight-to-DVD release. :) The movie is now available to pre-order from Amazon (Region 1) for the discounted price of $15.99 and shall be available from November 1, 2011.

I’ve also added the super cute DVD artwork to the gallery, which you can preview on your right; gallery link below. There’s no information on DVD extras as of yet, however, there is a synopsis available, also posted below — thanks to Amazon — containing our first glimpse of what this movie is about. Enjoy! :)

Shopaholic Crystal’s (Amy Acker, Alias) wealthy parents give her an ultimatum: change her irresponsible ways by Christmas or they will cut her off without a cent. With no job or romantic prospects, what’s a party girl to do? Fate intervenes when she finds seven year-old Olivia’s (Emma Duke) letter to Santa asking for a new wife for her widowed dad Derek (David Haydn-Jones). Crystal tracks them down and vows to win over father and daughter before the fast-approaching holiday deadline. Volunteering at Derek’s struggling soup kitchen, Crystal is at first a fish out of water, but she is determined to prove to him and herself that there’s more to her than just shopping and lattes. Only Derek’s jealous and calculating girlfriend (Gina Holden, Harper’s Island) stands between her and her newfound happiness. Share the gift of love and laughter with this heartwarming romantic comedy directed by Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210).

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Dear Santa Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on September 5th, 2011 with Comments Off

It looks like it’s been confirmed by Variety that Amy (or Scoot McNairy) is no longer a part of The Last Time I Made Straight A’s, which is indeed the same project as previously mentioned back in July 2009 — the script has been written by Dave Cole. An extract from the article is posted below.

Indie producer Nu Image/Millenium Films is lining up “Straight A’s,” to star Anna Paquin and Ryan Phillippe.

Nu Image developed the comedy under the radar, with production starting today at Nu Image’s studios in Shreveport, La. James Cox is directing from Dave Cole’s script.

Holly Wiersma and Rene Besson are producing, with Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson and Lati Grobman exec producing.

Phillippe portrays a man who’s been in and out of rehab for 10 years and is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother pressing him to return home to the family he turned his back on years ago. Outfitted with nothing more than a bag of pills and a sack of weed, he trots back to Shreveport, only to be faced with his brother’s wife, who’s still pining for him, her first love.

Riley Thomas Stewart (“The Beaver”) will play Phillippe’s character’s son.

The Last Time I Made Straight A's
Posted by Angie on July 30th, 2011 with Comments Off

You may remember that I posted about a new project that Amy was apparently filming with Scoot McNairy back in July 2009 titled The Last Time I Made Straight A’s. Well, there’s been a tidbit posted over at Anna Paquin Online that Anna Paquin and Ryan Phillippe are heading to Louisiana in 2 weeks’ time to film a movie with the same title.

I’m assuming this is the same project that I posted about previously, but we can’t yet be sure of this, so for now, we have to assume that Amy is no longer involved. However, I shall keep you guys up-to-date on any new developments!

The Last Time I Made Straight A's
Posted by Angie on July 30th, 2011 with Comments Off

Several videos have popped up on YouTube [Access Reel; Capsule Computers] covering interviews that Amy took part in while attending the recent Supernova convention in both Sydney & Perth, Australia. Thus, I’ve added MQ screencaptures to the gallery, as well as fan pictures taken by jackdoc101 & Marcel — many thanks for letting me add the images!

I also came across a radio interview [Nerdzilla podcast episode 19] by Joel Rheinberger and Andrew Hogan, which you can listen to at ABC Hobart — enjoy this media related update; gallery links & previews are below. :)

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