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Posted by Angie on March 11th, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Reviews

Several reviews have popped up online regarding The Cabin in the Woods — released in cinemas from April 13, 2012! — and they are very encouraging. Thus, I’ve posted a few extracts below featuring Amy’s character. Happy reading! :)

I feel like the less you know about this film, the better, so let’s begin with my capsule review version: The Cabin in the Woods is an incredibly clever and fun take on classic horror movie tropes centered around a group of kids going to a, you guessed it, cabin in the woods. Filmmakers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard — the two wrote the film together with Whedon producing and Goddard directing — have come up with a wonderfully conceived story that gives a bigger than life and fascinating explanation for why so many horror movie cliches exist in the first place. If you’re a fan of the genre, you really have to check this movie out.

… Without giving away the specifics of their characters, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford make one hell of a duo and there’s some great back and forth between the two veteran actors, along with Whedon vet Amy Acker, who serves as a nice, cynical springboard for the two of them.

Source: IGN

Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford have perhaps the most fun in the whole, but again to describe what their characters are up to would give away the plot of the film. Needless to say their scenes are quite darkly delightful, and nicely aided by a smart turn by Amy Acker (who starred in Buffy spin-off Angel) as one of their white-coated work-colleagues.

Source: Screen Daily

Cabin in the Woods
Posted by Angie on March 2nd, 2012 with Comments Off on First Look at Amy’s characters on ‘Once Upon a Time’

TVOverMind has posted a sneak peek, along with clips, of Amy’s characters from her upcoming guest spot on Once Upon a Time; featuring Astrid and Nova — be warned, the episode descriptions are rather spoilery — hence extracts featuring Amy’s characters have been posted under the cut.

I’ve also added MQ screencaptures from the clips, featuring each character, to the gallery — definitely a different look for Amy. :) Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
Sneak Peek Captures #1
Sneak Peek Captures #2

Gallery Updates Once Upon a Time
Posted by Stef on March 2nd, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘Grimm’ 1×11 Screencaps

281 new HD screencaps of Amy’s performance in episode 1×11 of Grimm have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
1×11 – Tarantella Captures

Gallery Updates Grimm
Posted by Angie on February 20th, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘Once Upon a Time’ Press Release

The press release for Amy’s upcoming guest spot on Once Upon a Time, titled ‘Dreamy’, has been released and offers a little more information on her characters — a nun in Storybrooke and a ‘beautiful but clumsy’ fairy. How exciting! Sadly, Amy doesn’t seem to be featured in the recently released stills or promos but let’s hope she has some decent screen time. :) Details are under the cut!

Once Upon a Time
Posted by Angie on February 17th, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘Grimm’ & ‘Once’ TVLine Interview

Amy Acker is no stranger to the fantasy/supernatural genre, so it’s hardly surprising that she should find herself on not one but two fairy-tale-themed series. First up, she reconnects with her Angel roots (and producers!) as a life-sucking Black Widow in tonight’s episode of Grimm (NBC, 9/8c). Then, in a few weeks, she’ll don a pink dress to play Grumpy’s new gal on Once Upon a Time. Here, she shares with TVLine her observations about the differences between the two fantasy realms, and tells all (well, almost all) about her Grimm alter ego’s double life.

TVLINE | Your Grimm character, the Spinnetod, seemed very remorseful after her kills, which is unlike the show’s typical villain. How did you get into the Black Widow mindset?
I think that was the exciting part about playing the character — it wasn’t that she was just a killer. There is a difficult choice between having to do something you don’t want to in order to survive and deciding if your life is more valuable than someone else’s. It was interesting to see how that struggle would affect someone — on top of being a spider. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The first kill is actually a bit of a shock. It seems like she’s not going to go for it, but then she attacks.
I thought that was a fun scene, because you think, “Oh no, she’s gonna get hurt by that guy!” but she doesn’t. I love when that stuff happens — when you think that it’s gonna be one way, but then it turns on you.

TVLINE | What about the moral dilemma — she had to suck the life out of young men every five years to keep from rapidly aging?
The real interesting part of this character — and it sort of goes in with the bigger picture of what they’re doing with the characters in Grimm – is distinguishing between what’s right and what’s wrong when the lines aren’t clear. I think she just wants her family to have a normal life and wishes for the other part to go away, but there’s no way to do both that she knows of.

Articles & Interviews Grimm Once Upon a Time
Posted by Angie on February 13th, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘Grimm’ TV Guide Interview

Amy Acker, known for portraying a sweet egghead who was enslaved on Joss Whedon’s vampire-detective series Angel, won’t be playing the victim on Friday’s Grimm (9/8c, NBC).

In “Tarantella,” Acker plays Lena, an alluring woman who happens to be a deadly black widow-type of creature, or in Grimm-speak, a Spinnetod. “It’s a spider-creature who, in order to survive, has to sacrifice or eat three men every five years,” the actress tells

Working on Grimm reunited Acker with Angel executive producer David Greenwalt. “I was excited that he was back doing something else again,” she says. “And I just loved the whole concept of the fairy tales, the Grimm tales and detectives. It was something that when we were looking at all the new shows, I was like, ‘I want to watch that one.’ I was excited for this role because it seemed like it was going to be just a real challenge and it was going to be something that I definitely hadn’t done before.”

Read more about Acker’s conflicted character, the makeup involved and reuniting with Whedon for Much Ado About Nothing and The Cabin in the Woods:

What can you tell us about Lena and her need to kill men?
Amy Acker: That was what was interesting about playing this part is that you really, you kind of struggle with her as to what the right thing for her to do is. She’s doing the wrong thing, but at the same time, it’s kind of like, there’s not another choice.

Articles & Interviews Grimm
Posted by Angie on February 8th, 2012 with Comments Off on ‘Grimm’ Stills & Sneak Peeks

Production stills featuring Amy in her upcoming episode of Grimm have been released, therefore 005 MQ stills and an promo-esque still have been added to the gallery; link and previews are below.

In other news, there are also several sneak peeks available for viewing at SpoilerTV — the very first clip is Amy centric. Enjoy! :)

Gallery Link
Production Stills

Gallery Updates Grimm
Posted by Angie on February 6th, 2012 with 1 Comment

Amy’s movie that was filmed on location in Texas with Wes Cunningham shall be screening at 2 separate film festivals this month — and according to the film’s official twitter, Amy shall be making an appearance at the SF IndieFest, on the Sunday — thanks to Richard for the heads up! Screening info is posted below. Hopefully, we’ll see some pics from these events. :)

@SIRONIAFILM Looking forward to SIRONIA screening at SFIndieFest. Amy Acker will be there!

• San Francisco Independent Film Festival (official site)
– Sunday, February 12
– Wednesday, February 15

• Sedona International Film Festival (official site)
– Tuesday, February 21
– Friday, February 24

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