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Posted by Angie on November 26th, 2009 with Comments Off

First off, apologies for the lack of updates lately but there hasn’t been any news and I’ve been a little busy to screencap anything else but I do have holidays coming up so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, gossi at Dollverse has posted a wonderful non-spoilery description of what to expect from the upcoming episodes of Dollhouse — it’s gonna go out with a bang, that’s for sure!

Episodes 5+6 – The Public Eye, The Left Hand
December 4th 2009
Written by Andrew Chambliss | Tracy Bellomo

Why you should be excited: You’ve Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof in two new hours of Dollhouse which pick apart the Dollhouse universe. Players of the Dollhouse ARG should be pleasantly surprised, too. Also, watch out for Enver: he’s going to make your jaw hit the floor. (You know, again).

Overall style: Arc.

Episodes 7+8 – Meet Jane Doe and A Love Supreme
December 11th 2009
Written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon & Andrew Chambliss | Jenny DeArmitt

Why you should be excited: There’s more Whedon alums this week’s episode. Nobody is safe. The events of Epitaph One start to come into play here.

Overall style: Arc.

Overall why you should be excited: Well, you know how ‘overall style’ says ‘Arc’ for all these episodes? That’s just one reason of many. It’s a 9 hour rollercoaster of an end – which midway through chucks you out the cart into terrifying oblivion.

Posted by Angie on November 16th, 2009 with Comments Off

Now that I have season 5 of Alias on DVD, I was able to go through the boxset and screencap the DVD extras that I’d missed the first time around, thus this section is now completely up-to-date! I also replaced the ‘Celebrating 100 Episodes’ featurette to provide additional screencaptures. Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
DVD Menus
DVD Extras: Celebrating 100 Episodes
DVD Extras: Heightening the Drama – The Music of Alias
DVD Extras: The Bloopers of Alias

Alias Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on November 15th, 2009 with Comments Off

Hope everyone is enjoying these additions to the ‘Public Appearances’ section — there are some lovely shots of Amy! — this is my last update in this particular section; I shall be focusing on HQ DVD screencaptures from now on. ;) Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
Events From 2003 > The WB Network 2003 All Star Party – Arrivals
Events From 2004 > The WB Network 2004 All Star Party – Arrivals
Events From 2004 > ‘The Punisher’ – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals
Events From 2004 > 30th Annual Saturn Awards – Arrivals
Events From 2004 > 30th Annual Saturn Awards – Press Room
Events From 2005 > ‘Serenity’ – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals
Events From 2006 > ‘Hard Candy’ – Los Angeles Premiere – Red
Events From 2006 > ABC Network 2006 All-Star Party – Arrivals/Inside

Award Shows Events Gallery Updates Premieres
Posted by Angie on November 14th, 2009 with Comments Off

Well, we knew all along that Amy was rumoured (but believed to be true) to have a part in the Drew Goddard-Joss Whedon horror film, The Cabin in the Woods, but it has now been confirmed by none other than Amy’s Dollhouse co-star, Fran Kranz, on his Twitter in response to a fan’s statement. :)

there’s still more dhouse. And there’s more of joss amy and I in cabin in the woods too

Cabin in the Woods
Posted by Angie on November 13th, 2009 with Comments Off

There’s a somewhat spoilery interview from Joss Whedon with TV Guide Magazine regarding the upcoming storyline(s) for Dollhouse and it touches on Amy’s character; she will indeed be returning for those 2 other episodes! The relevant quote has been posted below.

Does Amy Acker return for more episodes? Is she still Saunders?
Amy Acker will return. We have two more episodes that we’re allowed to use her because of [her new ABC series] Happy Town. She comes back in an interesting fashion that I will in no way describe to you, a little bit later on. She’ll be the Doc, Claire Saunders. Where she’s been may be a surprise to people.

Posted by Angie on November 12th, 2009 with Comments Off

Sad news, guys. :( Dollhouse has been cancelled, although FOX still plan to air the remaining episodes — as previously reported — and it looks like the series finale shall air on January 22, 2010.

Production wise, according to Dollverse, episode 10 has been completed and they’re currently working on episode 11. The series finale, episode 13, hasn’t yet been written.

I’m hoping Amy still has a chance to film her remaining 2 episodes, if she hasn’t done so already!

EDIT: A clearer schedule is posted under the cut, thanks to

Posted by Angie on November 7th, 2009 with Comments Off

I believe I’ve worked out why there are 8 episodes of Happy Town filmed, when it was reported that it had been picked up for 7 episodes — the pilot is 2 hours long and seems to be two episodes in one (much like a two-parter) so to make it seven episodes, it is necessary to have 8 episodes.

1×01 In This Home on Ice [pilot]
1×02 I Come to Haplin for the Waters [pilot]
1×03 Polly Wants a Crack at Her
1×04 Slight of Hand
1×05 This Is Why We Stay
1×06 Questions and Antlers
1×07 Dallas Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
1×08 Blame It on Rio Bravo

Hope that makes sense! Of course, I could be wrong, but without any further announcements from ABC regarding the show, that’s simply my take on things. :)

Happy Town
Posted by Angie on November 4th, 2009 with Comments Off

I have a wonderful treat for you guys — additional images of Amy at the ‘FOX All-Star Party’ that was held on The Pier at Santa Monica last year! Thus, 020 MQ & HQ images have been added to the gallery; link and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Link
Events From 2008 > FOX All-Star Party At The Pier – Arrivals

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