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Posted by Angie on November 13th, 2009 with Comments Off

There’s a somewhat spoilery interview from Joss Whedon with TV Guide Magazine regarding the upcoming storyline(s) for Dollhouse and it touches on Amy’s character; she will indeed be returning for those 2 other episodes! The relevant quote has been posted below.

Does Amy Acker return for more episodes? Is she still Saunders?
Amy Acker will return. We have two more episodes that we’re allowed to use her because of [her new ABC series] Happy Town. She comes back in an interesting fashion that I will in no way describe to you, a little bit later on. She’ll be the Doc, Claire Saunders. Where she’s been may be a surprise to people.

Posted by Angie on November 12th, 2009 with Comments Off

Sad news, guys. :( Dollhouse has been cancelled, although FOX still plan to air the remaining episodes — as previously reported — and it looks like the series finale shall air on January 22, 2010.

Production wise, according to Dollverse, episode 10 has been completed and they’re currently working on episode 11. The series finale, episode 13, hasn’t yet been written.

I’m hoping Amy still has a chance to film her remaining 2 episodes, if she hasn’t done so already!

EDIT: A clearer schedule is posted under the cut, thanks to

Posted by Angie on November 7th, 2009 with Comments Off

I believe I’ve worked out why there are 8 episodes of Happy Town filmed, when it was reported that it had been picked up for 7 episodes — the pilot is 2 hours long and seems to be two episodes in one (much like a two-parter) so to make it seven episodes, it is necessary to have 8 episodes.

1×01 In This Home on Ice [pilot]
1×02 I Come to Haplin for the Waters [pilot]
1×03 Polly Wants a Crack at Her
1×04 Slight of Hand
1×05 This Is Why We Stay
1×06 Questions and Antlers
1×07 Dallas Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
1×08 Blame It on Rio Bravo

Hope that makes sense! Of course, I could be wrong, but without any further announcements from ABC regarding the show, that’s simply my take on things. :)

Happy Town
Posted by Angie on November 4th, 2009 with Comments Off

I have a wonderful treat for you guys — additional images of Amy at the ‘FOX All-Star Party’ that was held on The Pier at Santa Monica last year! Thus, 020 MQ & HQ images have been added to the gallery; link and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Link
Events From 2008 > FOX All-Star Party At The Pier – Arrivals

Events Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on November 2nd, 2009 with Comments Off

Several reviews for 21 and a Wake-Up have popped up online and I’m afraid they’re not very complimentary. Below is an extract of one of the lengthier reviews, courtesy of the Post-Tribune.

I learn that Chris McIntyre served in Vietnam and that “21 and a Wakeup,” set in an Army hospital in the waning days of the war, is based on events he experienced and heard about. I’m sure his motivations were heartfelt, but his film is awkward and disjointed, and outstays its welcome.

It stars Amy Acker as a dedicated young Army nurse named Caitlin Murphy, assigned to an Army combat field hospital. She considers her profession a vocation, as indeed it is. Vocations and an Army career don’t always go hand-in-hand, and bureaucracy often wins out. Enforcing the Army Way is the uptight and unfortunately named Maj. Rose Thorn (Faye Dunaway), who seems opposed to innovation, improvisation, inspiration and any other inclinations Caitlin might have in mind.

… Amy Acker and other leading characters have been well-cast in equally badly written roles.

Maybe I’m being too cynical. Perhaps I’ll hear from nurses who served in Vietnam and inform me it was just like this. Even if it was, it plays like an assortment of stories that someone might tell you, “You ought to make movie about that someday.”(Chris) McIntyre has enlisted an experienced cast, including Ed Begley Jr., Wes Studi and Ben Vereen, and while Vereen creates a convincing human, none of them create convincing characters.

21 and a Wake-Up
Posted by Angie on November 1st, 2009 with Comments Off

About time I updated with media again! Thus, I’ve added a batch of scans from 2004 — including Angel magazine which covered a joint interview with the cast at a press conference with a small snippet from each, therefore I scanned the entire feature as opposed to just Amy’s snippet.

I also scanned a handful of pages from other UK magazines around the same time period. Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
Dreamwatch (UK) – March
Angel Magazine (UK) – May
Cult Times (UK) – May

Gallery Updates Magazine Scans
Posted by Angie on November 1st, 2009 with Comments Off

A small gallery update today, I’ve added a handful of MQ & HQ images to the ‘Public Appearances’ section; gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
Events From 2003 > 53rd Annual ACE Eddie awards – Arrivals/Inside
Events From 2003 > The WB Network 2003 All-Star Celebration
Events From 2004 > ‘The Punisher’ – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals
Events From 2006 > ‘Hard Candy’ – Los Angeles Premiere – Red Carpet/After Party
Events From 2008 > FOX All-Star Party At The Pier – Arrivals
Events From 2009 > 63rd Annual Tony Awards – Arrivals

Award Shows Events Gallery Updates Premieres
Posted by Angie on October 30th, 2009 with Comments Off

Thanks to the official website, I’ve been able to add several posters and over 030 stills and behind the scenes images of Amy in 21 and a Wake-Up — a lot of the images you may recognise from the trailers, but as a treat, many are brand new! Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy. :)

Gallery Links
Artwork & Posters
Behind the Scenes
Production Stills

21 and a Wake-Up Gallery Updates
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