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Huge thanks to Liz for finding this short-but-sweet clip of Amy introducing the character of Fred, courtesy of The WB, back in 2001. Both the clip and MQ screencaptures have been added to the site; media links are below, enjoy! :)

Media Links
- The WB (2001) > Clip
- The WB (2001) > Captures

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Once again, huge thanks to our regular contributor Bad Fred, I have added 008 HQ scans to the gallery from the January/February 2006 issue of the official ‘Buffy & Angel Yearbook’ — this time featuring a joint interview with Amy and Andy Hallet, who played Lorne on the show. Gallery link and previews are below, happy reading! :)

Gallery Link
- Scans From 2006 > Buffy & Angel Yearbook (January/February)

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Joss Whedon explains the reasoning behind shooting another episode for Dollhouse, which will become the pilot, and the original pilot will now be episode 2. This suggests that Amy may have a larger part in the pilot after all. :) Read on for the details straight from the horses’ mouth!

Welcome (back) to the Dollhouse. A New Pilot? A New Hope? A Prequel? A Nyquil? What’s the skinny on DOLLHOUSE and why doesn’t this link to anything?

Hi guys. Well, it’s been an eventful week. While all of you have been enjoying (and in some cases, suddenly NOT enjoying) our adorable little musical romp ?Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” (exclusively available on iTunes!) (And I lied about some people not enjoying it!) I’ve been busying myself with a little something I like to call DOLLHOUSE. Finishing a new episode. Finishing a new… here’s the headline… FIRST episode.

What’s that, you say? A second first? How can such a thing be? Does it defy the laws of all physics? Well, I sat down with Rutherford D. Actualperson to do a quick Q&A and give you all the skinny on the progress of my new series (Available on iTunes at some point one would assume!)

Dollhouse News & Projects
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Huge thanks to Bad Fred, we now have clips of Amy’s role on The Unit, albeit the unaired pilot, uploaded in the media archive — I had previously posted MQ screencaptures in the gallery — so enjoy this rare, vintage treat! :)

Media Links
- The Unit > Clips
- The Unit > Captures

Media Archive The Unit
Posted by Angie on August 5th, 2008 with 1 Comment

As promised, I’ve added another batch of HQ DVD screencaptures from season 3 of Angel to the gallery; bringing the total count up to over 7,000 images. Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
- DVD Menus
- 3×05 – Fredless Captures
- 3×06 – Billy Captures
- 3×07 – Offspring Captures
- 3×08 – Quickening Captures

Angel Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on July 31st, 2008 with Comments Off

Yes, it’s about time; I have finally gotten around to screencapping season 3 of Angel. :) I’ve added over 400 HQ DVD screencaptures to the gallery from episodes 1-4 as well as the opening credits — expect a batch of caps to be added weekly. Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
- Opening Credits
- 3×01 – Heartthrob Captures
- 3×02 – That Vision Thing Captures
- 3×03 – That Old Gang of Mine Captures
- 3×04 – Carpe Noctem Captures

Angel Gallery Updates
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This is something that I’ve been working on for the last several weeks and I’m pleased to say that it is now complete. As a result, we have a brand new streaming media archive — made possible by my lovely host — something I feel would be welcome since you can now view the clips online; no more downloading required.

The archive is complete with the clips from the original video vault, but with a difference; since the script is a ‘YouTube’ clone, you are very welcome to post your own clips, especially if they’re not in the archive already. They will require approval from myself, but go ahead, register yourself an account and upload away! ;)

The media archive can now be found at – enjoy! :)

Media Archive Site Updates
Posted by Angie on July 20th, 2008 with Comments Off

Another little snippet from Joss Whedon about Amy in the upcoming series Dollhouse. :)

Whedon once swore off doing another show on FOX after ?Firefly,” but come January, he’ll return to the network with ?Dollhouse,” which has several Buffyverse alumni in its cast and crew, most notably Eliza Dushku as the show’s star, Amy Acker (Fred on ?Angel”) as a recurring character, and Steven DeKnight (as a writer). ?I tried not to make ?Dollhouse” a family reunion,” Whedon said, ?but I reluctantly read Amy, I realized I was the biggest idiot alive. I mean, how can I not have them come back? Have you seen them act?”


Articles & Interviews Dollhouse
Posted by Angie on July 20th, 2008 with 1 Comment

I came across this while searching for Dollhouse related news; it looks like Amy may have filmed a guest spot on Private Practice for the upcoming season 2 premiere! It airs October 2008 — further confirmation of the actual date & time shall be added later on. I will also try to get hold of this episode when it airs for further confirmation, and to make caps & clips. :)

Rhimes says with the exception of David Sutcliffe’s return, there’s no big guest casting to announce. I beg to differ. I watched the premiere Tuesday night and I spotted Amy Acker!

Source: Live Press Tour Diary: ABC Day Two @ Entertainment Weekly

News & Projects Private Practice
Posted by Angie on July 15th, 2008 with 2 Comments

I just about fell off my chair when I decided to check out the latest events. :D And you read right, the lovely Miss Acker attended the first event of 2008 yesterday (which the lovely Miss Dushku also attended) and I’ve added the first MQ images to the gallery — you may remember that the last time we saw Amy was in 2007 during the writers’ strike, but the last ‘official’ appearance was way back in 2006, so this year (and probably the next!) is shaping up to be a wonderful surprise. :heart: Here’s hoping that further images will surface soon! Gallery link and previews are below, enjoy. :)

Gallery Links
- FOX All-Star Party At The Pier – Arrivals

EDIT: Additional MQ & HQ images have been added, enjoy!

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