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Posted by Angie on September 5th, 2009 with Comments Off

Just a heads up that IMDB is reporting that, so far, Amy will be in the first 5 episodes of Happy Town — it isn’t a wholly reliable source, but it does seem to be pretty good when it comes to episodes. :) The episode list is below; I’m rather intrigued by these titles since they seem to be very chronological and almost self explanatory as to what the episode is about — are you excited for this show yet? I know I am!

1×01 In This Home on Ice
1×02 I Come to Haplin for the Waters
1×03 Polly Wants a Crack at Her
1×04 Slight of Hand
1×05 This Is Why We Stay

Happy Town
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The press release for the opening episode of season 2, titled ‘Vows’ has been released by FOX, which will be airing on Friday, September 25 — only 3 weeks to go! Details are under the cut as it contains minor spoilers. :)

Dollhouse Press Release
Posted by Angie on August 30th, 2009 with Comments Off

I’ve now added the last batch of Dollhouse treats from the season 1 DVD release — as always, huge thanks to the ever lovely Stef. :heart: Thus, over 090 HQ DVD screencaptures have been added to the gallery; links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
DVD Extras > A Private Engagement
DVD Extras > Coming Home
DVD Extras > Designing the Perfect Dollhouse
DVD Extras > Making Dollhouse

Dollhouse Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on August 29th, 2009 with Comments Off

SciFiCool is giving away 3 copies of the R2 version of Fire & Ice otherwise known as The Dragon Chronicles. Read on for the details!

Metrodome is releasing “Dragon Chronicles: Fire & Ice” on DVD September 7th, but instead of buying it, you can win a free DVD copy courtesy of and Metrodome, and who doesn’t like free stuff? We currently have three copies of the DVD to give away to three lucky winners, and all you have to do is follow the instructions below. You can follow instructions, can’t you?

Here’s how to enter: Send an email to with the subject header: “Fire and Ice DVD Giveaway”. In the body, list at least two TV shows that Amy Acker has been on, either as a regular or as a recurring character (no one-shot appearances!). The giveaway will expire on September 11th, and three entrants will be chosen at random. We will then email the winners and ask for their snail mail address. And that’s about it. Pretty simple, right? Told you.

NOTE: The DVD will be in Region-2, so make sure your DVD player can play this format, or is region-free.

Be sure to visit the site as it contains a version of the trailer we’ve already seen (Amy scenes aren’t new) but with more footage of the dragons and it has a stunning title — I’ve added the new artwork to the gallery; a preview is to your right — and while it doesn’t feature Amy, I gotta say, it is stunning and makes me a little more excited for this release!

Fire and Ice Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on August 18th, 2009 with Comments Off

Once again, many thanks to Stef, I’ve added over 060 HQ DVD screencaptures to the gallery from the deleted scene titled “Topher and Doctor Saunders talk in her office” from the original unaired pilot, which is only available on the DVD — more coming soon! Gallery link and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Link
1×00 Echo [Unaired Pilot] – Deleted Scene

Dollhouse Gallery Updates
Posted by Angie on August 14th, 2009 with Comments Off

I came across a fairly recent Q&A with Amy’s husband, James Carpinello — who, as you may know, is currently starring in the Broadway play, Rock of Ages — and towards the end, the questions touch on Amy and how they met; a few extracts are posted below. It’s a lovely read and I highly recommend reading the Q&A in full. :)

You’ve mentioned your wife [actress Amy Acker] several times now. How did you meet?
Through mutual friends who were waiting tables together and thought we should get together. I went to a party at her house with a group of people, and the rest is history.

What was it about her?
Well, here’s a picture [he shows off a snapshot of his gorgeous wife], sooo that was the first impression. But I had also been in some relationship doozies before her. A best friend of mine said to me, “You can’t marry the crazies.” And there was something about her—she comes from Dallas and is so sweet and level and genuine and centered—that was everything I hoped that girl would be for me. You know how you have an idea in your head of what you hope it will be like when you’re in love, but you never seem to quite find that girl? Well I met her. And then I almost screwed it up!

Oh, you know—as soon as I met her, someone I had been with before called out of the blue and almost screwed it up. But luckily [Amy] stuck with me, and I’m thankful for it everyday. We’ve been married six years.


Posted by Angie on August 13th, 2009 with Comments Off

Many thanks to ABC and Lisa, I’ve updated the gallery with 009 additional HQ stills from the pilot episode of Happy Town, which has been titled ‘In This Home on Ice'; gallery link and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Gallery Link
1×01 – In This Home on Ice Stills

Gallery Updates Happy Town
Posted by Angie on August 9th, 2009 with Comments Off

Thanks to Lisa for the heads up! A mini movie site for 21 and a Wake Up has been launched where you can view a new “60 second commercial” & send an email to receive free tickets to the Sunday preview screenings — there are 3 in total; August 2, August 16 and August 30 — if you do manage to attend, I’m sure the fans would appreciate a comment on the movie & Amy’s performance. :)

Thus, I’ve added a handful of screencaptures from the commercial to the gallery — featuring some new scenes with Amy and are much better quality caps than the previous trailer — and the clip to the video vault. Links and previews are below, enjoy! :)

Media Links
60 Second Commercial Screencaptures
Clips > 21 and a Wake-Up (2009)

21 and a Wake-Up Gallery Updates Media Archive
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