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’21 and a Wake-Up’ Review

Several reviews for 21 and a Wake-Up have popped up online and I’m afraid they’re not very complimentary. Below is an extract of one of the lengthier reviews, courtesy of the Post-Tribune.

I learn that Chris McIntyre served in Vietnam and that “21 and a Wakeup,” set in an Army hospital in the waning days of the war, is based on events he experienced and heard about. I’m sure his motivations were heartfelt, but his film is awkward and disjointed, and outstays its welcome.

It stars Amy Acker as a dedicated young Army nurse named Caitlin Murphy, assigned to an Army combat field hospital. She considers her profession a vocation, as indeed it is. Vocations and an Army career don’t always go hand-in-hand, and bureaucracy often wins out. Enforcing the Army Way is the uptight and unfortunately named Maj. Rose Thorn (Faye Dunaway), who seems opposed to innovation, improvisation, inspiration and any other inclinations Caitlin might have in mind.

… Amy Acker and other leading characters have been well-cast in equally badly written roles.

Maybe I’m being too cynical. Perhaps I’ll hear from nurses who served in Vietnam and inform me it was just like this. Even if it was, it plays like an assortment of stories that someone might tell you, “You ought to make movie about that someday.”(Chris) McIntyre has enlisted an experienced cast, including Ed Begley Jr., Wes Studi and Ben Vereen, and while Vereen creates a convincing human, none of them create convincing characters.