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“5 reasons to look forward to season two of Dollhouse”

Dollverse has confirmed what I suspected — Amy will indeed be in the first episode of Dollhouse‘s second season! As previously reported, the episode is titled ‘Vows’.

1) Amy Acker is back in the ‘house for a while. There had been a bit of query as to if she can appear at all, as she’s in ABC’s “Happy Town” this season. Well, for the record, she’s back in the first episode of season two.

2) Alexis Denisof – Wesley from ‘Angel’, for those who live under a Whedonless rock – is indeed in the season. He’s playing a senator who’s gonna kick some Rossum ass.

3) Themes on display this season: ethics, and what’s possible with this technology. And what happens when it goes wrong.

4) Did you love “Epitaph One”? Do you what to know what the future holds? Well, fear not. Because the show will flash forward to the future at times. For the bulk of the opening episode, it’s 3 months since the events of “Omega”.

5) Expect to find out more about the lives of the people running the ‘house.