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9 Dollhouse season 2 scoops from Joss himself

Joss Whedon held a conference call yesterday (Sept. 17) to discuss season 2 of Dollhouse; below is an extract featuring Amy & her character — it is definitely only 3 episodes for this season, but it sounds like we’re in for a heck of a treat!

5. Dr. Saunders and Mellie will recur. When Dollhouse‘s future was in flux, Amy Acker signed on to Happy Town, limiting her ability to recur as the scarred doctor on Dollhouse. That means that when you do see Dr. Saunders, it’s all quality time. “She will factor in as much as we are allowed to factor her in, which is exactly three episodes’ worth,” Whedon said. “They will, however, be three extraordinarily memorable episodes. We’re seizing the day. We just don’t get to seize as many of them as we’d like.”

Source: Sci Fi Wire