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Acker Plays With Fire And Ice

Amy Acker, who stars in SCI FI Channel’s upcoming original movie Fire and Ice, told SCI FI Wire that she got to realize a dream.

“I have always wanted to do any sort of period piece,” the Alias and Angel star said in an interview. “I love horseback riding. I got to be a tomboy princess and fight dragons.”

Helmed by visual-effects-supervisor-turned-director Pitof (Catwoman), Fire and Ice stars Acker as Luisa, a daddy’s-girl princess who must team up with a knight named Gabriel (300’s Tom Wisdom) to save their kingdom from a menacing fire-breathing dragon.

Joining Acker–who’s due next in Joss Whedon’s upcoming Fox SF series Dollhouse–are such familiar genre faces as Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) and John Rhys-Davies (the Lord of the Rings trilogy).

“I couldn’t really think of anything bad about it,” Acker said. “It was great, and there were good people involved and a lot of British accents. It was fun to be the only girl with this group of guys and fighting along with them and doing all of that. I hope I get to work with all of them again. Maybe they can make it into a series!”

Acker added that she welcomed the change from series television. “It was [also] a chance to do something totally different from your normal television show,” she said. “The only thing that wasn’t real was the dragon, but luckily they had already drawn up what he was going to look like. I haven’t seen it finished, but [from] the pictures and early CG stuff they were doing it was this really cool dragon that looked different from any other dragon I’d ever seen. But it was easy to imagine it huge.”

Source: Sci Fi Wire