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‘Amanda & Jack Go Glamping’ Trailer

A brand new trailer for Amanda & Jack Go Glamping has been released, courtesy of ET Online — which is viewable in all countries! View the trailer under the cut, enjoy!

There’s not much in the way of glamour in Amanda & Jack Go Glamping, an upcoming rom-com in which David Arquette and The Gifted’s Amy Acker star as an unhappily married couple taking a much-needed vacation at a “camping” resort. As you can see in the movie’s trailer, exclusively debuting on ET, there are plenty of hipsters, llamas and one shirtless Adonis of a landowner (Adan Canto), though.

“We are supposed to be saving our marriage,” Acker’s Amanda laments to her downer husband at one point in the preview, while Arquette’s Jack taunts back, “You are not staying here for us. You’re staying for Magic Mike.”

The romantic comedy marks a reunion for Acker and writer-director Brandon Dickerson, as she previously starred in his 2011 drama, Sironia. Amanda & Jack Go Glamping was loosely inspired by Dickerson’s own experiences at the very same glamping retreat, Green Acres, and the movie will premiere at the Austin Film Festival later this month.

Amanda & Jack Go Glamping arrives in theaters and on VOD on Nov. 10.