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Amy Acker Joins ‘Dollhouse’!

OMG! I nearly fell off my chair when Bad Fred let me know about this, but yes, it’s true! Amy HAS been cast in the upcoming Eliza Dushku-Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse (!!) Hopefully, this’ll mean another regular fixture on our screens a la Angel or Alias. Exciting news!

Joss Whedon posted on Whedonesque:

Hi campers. We’re having the read-through of the script today. Why would I be nervous? YOU’RE nervous! Anyhoo, I just couldn’t resist letting you know that the recurring roles have actually been cast for some time now. I’m shocked that any part of our casting process hasn’t been leaked somehow. And though I’m a fan of secrets, I’ll give you the last two pieces of this particular puzzle:

November (who will be recurring but does not appear in the pilot) will be played by the luminous Miracle Laurie.

Dr. Claire Saunders will be played by… yet another name I’m gonna have trouble remembering how to spell… Amy Acker.

All in all, pound for pound, soup to nuts, man vs beast, it’s a pretty amazing ensemble. I’m not sure how I landed this troupe, but rest assured I’m gonna write bestest good word for talkacting to them yes! They’re in good hands.

Onward… to adventure! -j.

Source: Slayerverse