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Amy is Returning to ‘Suits’!

Exciting news! Amy shall be returning to Suits! The confirmation is posted below, thanks to Deadline.

Suits 2.0 launched tonight with the season premiere of USA Network series’ eighth season, the first without original co-stars Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle. The new opening sequence reflected the new setup — an ensemble legal drama led by Gabriel Macht and a regular cast featuring three original members, Macht, Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty, and three new ones, Katherine Heigl and newly promoted Dule Hill and Amanda Schull.

…DEADLINE: Besides Samantha, there are no other new characters introduced in the first two episodes. Will we see new faces this season?

KORSH: Yes. First of all, we’re going to have some old favorites back. Dr. Lipschitz is going to be back, Gretchen is going to be back, obviously Sheila is going to be back, Brian, who’s a character we introduced, an associate we introduced who had a baby last year, will be back. They’re continuing, and that’s just something to keep in mind in terms of consistency, but we absolutely will be introducing new characters that will hopefully illuminate and shine some light on our existing characters.

I’ll just tease a few things. Louis’ sister Esther is going to make an appearance. We will see Harvey’s mom again, Harvey’s brother again. We’re actually going to meet Harvey’s sister-in-law for a change. We’re going to meet a family member of Alex’s. These are all in the first 10.