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An Interesting Chat with Michael Emerson & Amy Acker

Relevant extracts of an article from the roundtable press interview Amy did during the NYC Comic Con with the Person of Interest panel have been posted below — it is confirmed that Amy is a recurring character so we shall definitely see her in future episodes!

When I signed up for two press roundtables at last week’s New York Comic Con, I expected to handle them well. I’m used to interviewing politicians and the occasional celebrities from my time as a daily newspaper reporter.

So went I sat down for the Person of Interest event featuring the stars of the show and its creator, Jonathan Nolan, I was prepared.

Until Amy Acker sat down at my table.

She wasn’t an announced guest, so I had no prior warning that my Angel fandom was about to collide with my professional composure. Luckily, I had just caught up with the first two episodes season two of the show, which heavily featured Acker as Root, a computer expert with a very sick viewpoint on the world. So I had some worthwhile questions.

Along with Acker, series producer Jonathan Nolan, Taraji P. Henson (Detective Carter), Michael Emerson (Finch), Kevin Chapman (Fusco), and even the cast’s new addition to the show, Bear the dog, appeared at the press event.

The dog attracted the most attention but, predictably, gave the least away about this season’s plotlines, though it appears he will be on the show to stay.

Acker also confirmed that Root will be appearing again this season. She said it was a “treat” to play a character who existed long before she was even cast, as Root’s existence had been teased for much of the first season.

Acker appeared in last season’s finale as the face behind Root and said she loved playing the switch from the seeming victim to someone who casually murders a woman and kidnaps Finch at the end, comparing it to her switch from Fred to Illyria in Angel. She also emphasized what a treat it was to work opposite Emerson and Jim Caviezel, who plays ex-CIA agent Reese. (Caviezel’s schedule prevented him from appearing at the press roundtable.)

“I’ll be back,” Acker said. “I think he [Finch] misses me too much,” she said, teasing in character.

Asked about her status as something of a geek icon, Acker said “Joss [Whedon] has been great to me” and that he calls her when he “doesn’t have someone for the part”, as do other writers who once worked on Angel. She called filming Much Ado About Nothing “an experience that was just so special.” Not many people, she said, can just decided to shoot a movie in their backyard in two weeks by calling all their friends. She also pointed out that it was a chance to play a “normal girl” for a change.

Source: Wired