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Angel 2005 Scans

Another day off today, but it’ll be the last for several weeks, so I took the time to make scans of the last magazine that I hadn’t yet scanned; the US version of Angel Magazine from May/June 2005 — again, the interview has been transcribed in the press archive, but enjoy the unseen promotional images, especially the ones featuring Illyria. Thus, 014 HQ scans have been added to the gallery, which also features the poster included with the magazine; link and previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
Scans From 2005 > Angel Magazine (May/June)

2 Comments on “Angel 2005 Scans

  1. That’s more like it! More updates! *whip crack* Time off is for mere mortals! *whip crack*

    Seriously, though, thanks for the updates!

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