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Angel star Acker at Supernova

Amy Acker says Angel fans are a special sort of breed.

Acker played Fred in Joss Whedon’s Buffy spin-off for four seasons and says the fans she encounters from that television series are different than ones on other shows she’s worked on such as Alias.

“I don’t feel I ever meet fans of Alias that are ever the same as the fans from Angel,” she says.

“The Angel fans are so connected to the show and they know so much about the show.”

She credits Whedon’s writing as one of the reasons the fans become so invested in the show.

“Joss has always made shows where there’s all these different types of people and you can always find yourself in at least one of the characters,” Acker says.

The actress has been in a number of Whedon’s productions including the short lived Dollhouse, in which she played Dr Claire Saunders and she counts the director as one of her closest friends.

Acker says as a director he is able to get the exact performance he wants from his actors.

“Watching him work with the actors and the crew it’s pretty amazing to see the way he communicates ideas and I think it’s pretty remarkable how he changes performance from one take to the next,” she says.

It also helped that Whedon was the creator, writer and director of Angel so wielded an enormous amount of creative control over the show.

“In television it’s rare to see a person who has created the show and is writing and directing it and is so invested in the characters the way that he is,” she says.

Acker will be in Sydney this weekend and Perth the following weekend for the Supanova pop culture convention.

She says she hasn’t been to a fan convention in five years but enjoys meeting fans who are so committed to her shows.

“It’s just so fun to meet these people that have had the same experience that you had doing it and remember all of the great things from the show,” she says.

She’s also looking forward to coming back to Australia. The last time she was in the country her now husband, fellow actor James Carpinello proposed to her on the Gold Coast where he was filming a movie.

Carpinello won’t be coming with her this time as their two children are at school but he has given her plenty of tips of places to see in Perth and Sydney.

“I’m very excited to come back,” she says.

“I haven’t been to Sydney or Perth before so I’m super excited.

“He went with a bunch of guys from the movie so he tells me that you have to go to this place and that place.”

The Supanova pop culture convention will be held in Sydney on June 18 and 19 at Sydney Olympic Park and in Perth on June 25 and 26 at the Claremount Showgrounds.

Source: 7News Adelaide