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Bleeding Cool (2017)


The story of the X-Men has always been socially and politically relevant. It was a story that started out as an analogy for the civil rights movement and feels just as true then as it does now in these uncertain times. In an interview with TV Insider various members of the cast and crew talk about the series.

“The X-Men are gone, and nobody knows where they went,” Nix explains of the series. “What’s left behind are groups of mutants that are piecemeal, doing what they can to help [fellow mutants] on the wrong side of the law get to safety.”

Nix, a long time fan, knew that the comics were about something more and he wanted to make sure he brought that to the series.

“One of the things I really responded to in the X-Men comics is that they really seemed to be about something, more than just fighting,” says Nix, a longtime fan. “The characters had relationships and humanity that went beyond hitting bad guys very hard, although,” he adds with a laugh, “they did enough hitting bad guys very hard to satisfy 10-year-old me.”

Star Stephen Moyer talks about how his character believes he’s doing the right thing until it becomes very apparent that he isn’t.

“[Working for the DA], he thinks he’s doing the right thing,” Moyer says. “He’s taking [dangerous] mutants off the street. It isn’t until he sees how badly some of them have been treated—and he kind of knew, he’d just chosen not to see it—that he realizes he has to take his children and run.”

Amy Acker is another person who believes in just keeping her head down and that the mutant problem isn’t any of her business because it doesn’t directly effect her until it does.

“Caitlin knows mutants have problems, but it doesn’t affect her—she doesn’t do anything for or against it,” Acker says. When she finds out her children have these abilities, and then comes to rely on others with abilities for her family’s survival, her tune changes. “There is this guilt of ‘Maybe I should have been speaking up all along,’” Acker adds.

There’s nothing harder than speaking up against injustice when you have no personal stake in it.

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