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Happy Town is full of familiar faces we’ve seen on TV before. One of them is Amy Acker, from Angel, Dollhouse and many guest appearances on other shows. Now she plays Rachel Conroy, wife of the sheriff’s deputy in Haplin, TN where strange disappearances are attributed to The Magic Man.

Amy Acker Lives in Happy Town

“I would say that she just feels very real,” Acker said. “She’s a loving wife and a mom. Her and her husband have this relationship that is so wonderful because they’re also best friends. So much on TV, you see these arguments and you see people cheating. One of the things I was really excited about was just getting to be a good role model for marriage. There are dark moments, but overall she’s trying to maintain civility and be the rock of the marriage, the sheriff’s wife and the good mother. But it’s real, so when bad things happen, people change.”

In the very first episode, Rachel suggests to her husband that they get out. This is before things have gotten really deep. Maybe Rachel is onto something. “That’s the thing about the town. It feels really comfortable to be there, but then there is something just always beneath the surface where you feel like something bad could happen, at any minute to any person.”

Acker can relate to Haplin. “I grew up in Dallas, which isn’t a small town, but in my community and my high school, everybody knew everybody’s business. Even now, my parents still go to the high school football games. This has that sort of feel. Everybody knows everything about everyone. It’s just an interesting dynamic of being super-comfortable and super-terrified. You’re sleeping in bed with your husband and you don’t know if he’s the killer, but you still love him. Everyone in the town has that dynamic of not knowing who they should trust, and yet being friendly to everyone.”

Still, Happy Town keeps her on her toes because nothing is what it seems. “There were certain things where I would be like I’m sort of moving past that, and then all of a sudden I would be like oh no, and now that happened? Now I’ve got to go way over here. Just things that you don’t know ever what’s going to happen to you so it’s like oh, wow, I thought I was going to be all happy again and now looks what I have to deal with.”

Happy Town begins April 28 on ABC.


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