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Dance Spirit (US) – 2003


This angelic WB actress gave DS so much awesome info about herself, that we just couldn’t fit it all in the mag. So, we decided to give all you die-hard Angel fans, a deeper look into what really makes Amy Acker dance for joy.

Dance Spirit: We know you danced for 14 years. What type of dancing did you study?
Amy Acker: I mainly focused on ballet, but did some jazz in college. I also did about four years of modern.

DS: Did you perform a lot?
AA: Yeah I did. The studio I danced at in Dallas would make up whole ballets with stories and everything. I was in the studio’s company, so I got to do solos and duets.

DS: What made you decide to start dancing when you were just 3?
AA: I think my mom probably took me, just to get me out of the house. I think when she signed me up for ballet five days a week.

DS: Why did you stop dancing?
AA: When I was in first grade, I was bit by a spider and became paralyzed for two weeks. Then all of a sudden, I was better and it was like nothing had happened. Once I got into high school though, I had this scar tissue on my knee that was really acting up every time I danced. I went to a doctor and they said that it was left over from whatever bit me in first grade, and that I shouldn’t have been able to walk that whole time. I’m actually the only person in the world ever to have it. I’m even in the medical journal.

DS: When you filmed the dancing episode, ‘Waiting in the Wings’, Joss Whedon had you dancing with Alexis Denisof who plays Wesley on the show. Was he a good partner?
AA: When I stopped laughing he was. He hadn’t ever danced before and it was just hilarious. At the end of our dance though, he was supposed to sort of catch me, and his joke was that he was going to drop me. It was even kind of written into the dance for him to stumble and fall. In the actual footage Joss used, the look on my face is not acting at all. It is sheer terror.

DS: Angel fans were pretty bummed when the dance scene was cut out of the episode. Do you know why Joss decided to nix it?
AA: I think Alexis might have paid Joss off, so that no one had to see him in his tights! But really, it was so sad when it was cut. Joss called Alexis and me and was like, ‘I am the worst person in the world.’ He said, ‘I wrote this whole episode based on this one dance number and it just doesn’t fit into the story.’

DS: Can you tell us what fans would have seen if it had been included?
AA: Well, we’re all sitting and watching the ballet. Wesley, who is in the audience, starts to daydream about being onstage with Fred. It just didn’t really flow the way Joss wanted it to.

DS: Do you think that Joss will create more opportunities or storylines that will allow you to dance in future episodes?
AA: Possibly. He has been kind of obsessed with dance since the show and he was talking about writing a full-length ballet. I mean, that man is such a genius! And he does anything that anyone says he can’t do.

DS: Do you have any upcoming projects outside of Angel?
AA: I have a small part in a TV movie about the old Batman television series and Catch Me If You Can, I got to work with Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio on that, which was really cool.

DS: How have you stayed in such good shape, since your dancing days?
AA: I think I was lucky, in that I was kind of born this way. I go on walks though and do yoga and try to take dance classes when I can. I also like to stretch a lot still, so at least I’ll still be flexible if I get the chance to dance again.


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