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Examiner (2012)


[Extract featuring Amy Acker]

Acker offers, by far, the most newly intriguing performance. Emerson has always played his Finch quiet and cool– in his head– but opposite Acker, he seems smaller, like a little boy being led by a mother he fears. We don’t begrudge Finch his style; what she is able to bring out in him will be the true challenge for the character this season, but we want to see him make his move soon, but right now, she dominates every scene she is in.

Meanwhile, we eagerly anticipate the episode in which she and Caviezel can finally go head-to-head to see if she has finally met her match to restore balance to the show. But the more she steals focus, the more the tone and theme of the show shifts, and producers didn’t set out to make a show about a woman so damaged she wants to wreak chaos on complete strangers, so it’s hard to get too attached.

Additionally, the show itself drives home Root’s point that humans, unlike programmable machines, are broken code. We probably shouldn’t be sympathetic to Root or her point, going about her ways harming innocent people, destroying their lives even if not permanently and physically, and therefore living exactly the opposite as to which Finch has sworn. Yet, at times in this premiere, it’s almost impossible not to be, causing the first glimmers of shades of gray in a previously black or white procedural.


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