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FEARnet (2010)


Amy Acker’s no stranger to Joss Whedon’s universe. And now, after stints on Whedon’s Angel and Dollhouse, the fan-favorite actress is gearing up for her first big-screen foray with the genre auteur — Cabin in the Woods. We caught up with Acker at this weekend’s WonderCon 2010, where she was promoting the upcoming ABC-TV show Happy Town. But we made sure to ask her about collaborating with Whedon on what’s arguably — alongside Ghostbusters 3 — the most anticipated horror-comedy on the horizon.

Now you are no stranger to supernatural thrillers, as one of the leading ladies of the Whedonverse. What’s the best thing about working on a show that has these otherworldly, mysterious things?

I feel so lucky that I get to do these kinds of shows because it’s so great to get to evolve as a character. You start out doing one thing and really the stuff that happens in the script changes you as a character and you get to… I like having to follow a story and watch it in sequence and see where you start a season and where you end a season instead of, you know, in procedurals sometimes you can watch an episode from season five or season three and not really know… there’s not a lot of change. So it’s good writing with good storytelling and good people which is all you could ask for. That’s pretty much the whole deal.

Let’s talk a little bit about Whedonverse. So you weren’t picked up as a season regular when Dollhouse first started and then Joss went back and was, “That was my bad,” and you were like, “Yes Mr. Whedon! That was your bad. Now, cast me in Cabin in the Woods.” That’s how it went down, right?

[Laughs.] No, pretty much I’m always just like, “Please give me whatever you’re doing.” [Laughs.] So yeah, Joss had told me about Dollhouse and I was like, “That sounds sooooo great! Hi!” And, not knowing what was going to happen, it was only like a week before the show started and he was like, “So there’s this part and she was gonna be fifty but now I want you to maybe do it,” and I was like, “Okay! That sounds awesome.” I was just so happy to be a part of it, and it was sort of the same with Cabin in the Woods. They hadn’t found someone for a part and it was a couple of weeks before they started shooting and so he called and said, “So we can’t find someone for this part and we start in a few weeks and can you do it?” And I’m like, “Hey. Anytime you can’t find anyone I’m available!” [Laughs.]

Let’s talk about Cabin in the Woods, because there’s so much buzz about this movie. There’s been a hold-up because they are changing it into 3-D, right?

Well, I got an email yesterday that it’s in the can. Is that the terminology? [Laughs.] It’s all set. I think they’re still waiting to see with the 3-D and all that stuff but they’ve got all the final edits together and it’s supposed to be really awesome!

And what can we expect? Details!

Expect to be scared! I’m not gonna say anymore because I think I already got in trouble for saying too much about it! [Laughs.] It’s hilarious. It’s a great comedy. Just kidding. [Laughs.]

Thank you so much! Enjoy the convention.

Thank you!


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