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IGN TV (2007)


[Extract featuring Amy Acker]

IGN TV: Your fellow Joss Whedon/Tim Minear alum Amy Acker plays your kidnapped wife on the show. Have you gotten to work with her yet?

Fillion: Yes. Yes I have. And this is another one of those cases where Tim Minear and I have worked together in the past, and I’m a huge fan of his work and his talent. And he knows what to expect from me when he’s asking me to come and do the show Drive. He knows exactly what to expect from me. Same in regards to Amy Acker. He’s worked with her before, he knows exactly what to expect, and she’s there for a reason. She’s there because she’s extremely talented and she does such a fantastic job. And again, I’m a fan, so it’s real nice for me to be able to work with people who not only I enjoy their company, but I can really respect their talent.

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