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Amy’s Little Angel
Her TV character’s gone from brainiac to maniac, but she can always talk to her adorable terrior.

Around the set of The WB’s Angel, Amy Acker is known as a charming team player with lots of close pals among the cast. Her nerdy character, Winifred, is also popular with her peers, helping keep LA vampire-free — with a little help from her friends.

So why can’t Amy’s dog, Abby, seem to get along with anybody?
“A lot of us like to hang out outside of work,” Amy says of her Angel co-stars. “Everyone brings their dogs, but unfortunately, Abby always attacks the other dogs, so she’s not allowed to play.”

Amy blames Abby’s breed for her combativeness — she’s a Jack Russell terrier, and “they’re crazy, they’re hyper,” Amy says. But as tough as Abby can be on other dogs, that’s how tender and caring she is with Amy and her husband, James.

“My husband was out of town, and I got a ticket,” says Amy. “I was upset, and my first instinct was to dial my house phone and tell Abby I got a ticket. I talk to her by myself a lot, and she listens like she cares.”

Just as audiences have started to care for Amy’s character on Angel, the plot has thrown her for a loop. The body of formerly sweet Fred has been taken over by the evil goddess Illyria, giving Amy a chance to show off her acting range. Texas native Amy also had a small part in last year’s Catch Me If You Can, sharing a scene with star Leo DiCaprio.

She’s looking for more film roles, but if she had her way, Amy would be sharing scenes with her canine co-star. “At McDonald’s,” says the actress, “we order the number two, and I eat one cheeseburger and she eats the other.”

“She reminds people of Ellen DeGeneres, because she’s like a tomboy,” says Amy. “And she’s sort of like a comedian, too.”

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