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She may be used to battling the forces of darkness as Winifred “Fred” Burkle in Angel, but Amy’s still surprised by her castmates’ practical jokes

We hear your first day on Angel got off to a painful start…
“Yeah! I was shown around and remember thinking, ‘Ooh there’s David Boreanaz [who plays Angel, inset below]’ and then suddenly we were filming a stunt, riding a horse together. I wasn’t holding on too tight and ended up being thrown off with David falling on top of me. I acted cool, but the next day I was so sore. I couldn’t even turn my neck.”

Did they play tricks on you because you were the new girl?
“So many times! Once I was filming a scene with Alexis Denisof [who plays Wesley] and he was sitting behind his desk. We had this long piece of dialogue and then when I walked around the desk I realised he didn’t have his trousers on – I screamed!”

Were you a sci-fi fan before joining Angel?
“Not really. I went to a few Buffy the Vampire Slayer nights at college but it wasn’t something I watched a lot. I did once meet Willieam Shatner on the set of an earlier show I did – let’s just say he didn’t have a lot of insight for me! But that’s why I like playing Fred, she’s so different to anything I’ve experienced before.”

How have the fans taken to you?
“I’ve been to conventions in London and Australia and everyone’s been great. They’re always saying hi and sending gifts. One fan sent me a giant airbrushed picture of myself for some reason. Very strange!”

Tell us about your scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can
“It’s where Leonardo’s character sneaks through airport security with eight fake stewardesses on his arm. The director, Steven Speilberg, was so excited about it – he was smiling and shouting ‘This is the best scene!’ Leonardo was really charming, too. My fiancé James was a bit jealous at the time, but he got over it, I guess!”

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