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The Face (2002)


Handpicked by Leonardo DiCaprio
as one of his personal trolley-dollies in Catch Me If You Can, Amy Acker is catching eyes everywhere in Hollywood. At her audition, Spielberg threw her straight into improvising with Leo. ‘It’s pretty obvious why a million girls are in love with him,’ says Amy. Usually, the 26-year-old actress has to make do with basking in Angel fan adulation (she plays the physics-crazed Fred) and relaxing with Shakespeare readings at Joss Whedon’s house. Taking a breather at her mum’s Dallas home, the 26-year-old actress admits to the odd bump on the fast track to glam. ‘We drove here from LA for 24 hours and forgot to book a hotel, so we had to sleep in the car in a parking lot in El Paso.’ She’s due to be married in April to fellow actor James Carpinello, current white tuxedo occupant in Broadway’s Saturday Night Fever. So a honeymoon in Italy, more Angel, then hopefully that break-out blockbuster role. “So many places to go, I haven’t got to do nearly as much as I want.”

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