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The stars of FOX’s upcoming Marvel series THE GIFTED spoke with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. While filming is still in its early stages, series stars Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer, Jamie Chung, Emma Dumont, Natalie Alyn Lind, and Percy Hynes White were still able to tease a little bit about the series’ family dynamic, social commentary, and — of course — mutants.

THE GIFTED will also have a very human element, though. And two actors known for portraying superhuman characters will not have powers here — at least not as far as anyone knows as of now.

Amy Acker plays THE GIFTED’s Kate Strucker, mother of Andy and Lauren. Acker has a history of playing complicated characters, so one question that came up in the Comic-Con press room was whether or not there might be some “other layers” to Kate.

Acker teased “a big transformation because she is coming into something that she didn’t expect at all.” As a comparison, she mentioned her ANGEL character, Fred Burkle. “She was a normal person put in extraordinary circumstances, and I think that brings out kind of a power and a complexity in the roles that I’m sure that Matt [Nix] is going to make challenging and exciting for all of us.” Whether or not that “transformation” will be anything like what ultimately happened to Fred, though, viewers will have to wait and see.

THE GIFTED has a message for viewers.

“Knowing that THE X-MEN is this allegory for human rights,” Amy Acker did a lot of research into what it’s like for people who have been in a real-world situation that mirrors what the Strucker family experiences on THE GIFTED: the coming out experience for the LGBT+ community, from both the children’s and parents’ perspectives. “There’s all of these websites about advice for when you’re coming out to your parents or what parents…how they should respond.”

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