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With roles on TV’s Angel and the upcoming William Shatner flick Groom Lake, Amy Acker gives actresses like Natalie Portman and Milla Jovovich a run for their money as they vie for the title of Queen of Supernaturalism.

They may call her Fred on Angel and she may kick some serious demon derrière, but don’t let the male nickname and her slaying skills fool you — there is nothing the slightest bit masculine about Amy Acker. With a to-die-for body and ultra-long lashes, this Southern belle hailing from Dallas, Texas definitely steals some of the limelight from the show’s title heartthrob, David Boreanaz. Playing Winifred on the series, the brunette bombshell is thrilled with her role and the attention she’s getting for it. “It’s great, I love it. My co-stars are such a fun group of people. We all have a similar sense of humour, and we play jokes on each other all the time. There are so many days when everyone’s gotten yelled at because we couldn’t stop laughing. And this season my character’s really gotten to come out of her shell and be a lot stronger, so that’s cool.”

But don’t think being on a hit show is all fun and games. “It’s hard,” Acker says, “especially because the main character is a vampire who can’t be out in the sunlight. That means we have a lot of days where we’ll go into work at 4 p.m. and shoot until the sun comes up. A 12-hour day is super good. That’s really exciting. But a 16-hour day is not unheard of.”

But Acker’s not totally worn out yet, which means you can also catch a glimpse of the beauty in Groom Lake, where she plays a girl whose dying wish is to see Area 51 and verify the existence of aliens. “That way she can figure out whether there’s some bigger meaning to life,” Acker explains. William Shatner wrote and directed the movie, and Acker says the actor is, “just a big caricature of himself.” And yeah, she did hear one Captain Kirk joke too many. “We were in a small town, so anytime we went anywhere, there were people going crazy over Star Trek. It was really funny.”

That’s not what Acker hears the most, however. “When I meet fans, the big question is, ‘Is David Boreanaz that cute in person?'” Although sensing the forthcoming question might not have required supernatural skills before it is posed, Acker laughs and replies, “Yes, he is.”

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