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Ask Matt: Justified, CSI, Person of Interest, Resurrection and More!

Question: I continue to enjoy your great columns as I have since you’ve been writing them! My question: As a regular viewer of Person of Interest from the start, I’m at a loss as to what happened to Amy Acker’s character of Root. Of late, I’ve noticed she no longer seems to appear as a regular in the cast lineup. The last I remember seeing of her was her being tortured by Camryn Manheim’s evil character (Control). What did I miss? I don’t recall my missing any new, or repeat, episodes. Also, is Sarah Shahi’s character of Samantha Shaw going to be moved to cast regular? Her character has appeared on a steady basis now, but still characterized as “with” in the cast credits. She adds a great deal to the regular cast. — Al

Matt Roush: Well, thanks. I still enjoy writing them, so it’s a win-win, right? With Person of Interest, regardless of how Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi appear in the credits (and you may have caught some recent repeats that could confuse the issue), both are considered series regulars this season — although Root, by her elusive nature, is likely to be seen less frequently than Shaw, who is pretty much part of the team by now. From where I sit, they’ve helped take the show to a new level of crackling and unpredictable intensity. So glad to have it back this week, along with dozens of other shows now that the Olympics are over. (And you’re pretty much up to speed on Root’s story. Her escape from Control sets up the next part of her story, whatever that will be.)

Source: TV Guide