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‘Cabin’ News, ‘Dollhouse’ Easter Egg & WhedonFest Cancelled

A small news round up!

First up, it looks like that upcoming movie The Cabin in the Woods has been pushed back indefinitely — it won’t be released on the planned date of January 14, 2011 after all — according to

Good news UK fans, it looks like the Region 2 DVD release of the second season of Dollhouse has an extra feature; an easter egg! There’s plenty of speculation regarding this, but no one knows what it features, except the runtime of 1 min 40 secs, as stated by the BBFC. However, I’ll try to find out when I get my copy next month!

And finally, the Whedon Fest convention that was due to take place next month — the first of its kind in Toronto, Canada — has sadly been cancelled due to low ticket sales. You can read more about this over at Starry Night Events.