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‘Cabin’ Possibly Confirmed?

Cider & gossi at Whedonesque have posted comments regarding Amy’s possible involvement in Cabin in the Woods and her cancelled appearance at Starfury’s T1 convention back in April. The extracts are posted below — I, for one, hope this is true as it would be lovely to see Amy on the big screen again; her last big screen appearance was in Catch Me If You Can.

Curious! I wonder if this is true? Hope so. The character is called Wendy Lin and is a “nervous woman in a lab coat”. -gossi

Amy Acker was due to attend the Starfury T1 convention last month but had to cancel due to being cast in a film. She sent a message to the organiser in which she said, that she couldn’t say what film it was but that people would be ‘excited’ about it.

Unfortunately the message has been taken down now so I can’t quote it exactly, but I did wonder at the time if it could be Cabin. -Cider