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‘Cabin’ Release Looking Possible

If anyone’s interested, there’s an article by HitFix which says that Sony has now partnered with MGM and will take over the distribution side of things so it’s looking very likely that The Cabin in the Woods will be released, although it’s still unknown whether it will be theatrical or straight-to-DVD. The related extract is posted below.

With “Cabin In The Woods,” you’ve got a promising and uber-high-concept script that tweaks the iconography of teen horror movies in a way that I can promise we’ve never seen before onscreen, and you’ve got Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard involved. You’ve also got cast members like Jesse Williams and Amy Acker and Jodelle Ferland and… oh, look at that, it’s Thor [Chris Hemsworth] again. Throw in Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford to mix it up and keep it from just being another teen parade, and it sounds like a film we should have seen back in October of 2009, when it was first set for release.

The good news is that these films are going to find a home. The question mark is just what that means. Will Sony invest in giving them a full theatrical release? Will they shuffle them over to Screen Gems? Will they get perfunctory releases before they are sent to DVD and Blu-ray?

That’s what we don’t know yet. But at least we’re finally hearing some rumblings of release for these films and for whatever else is still lingering on the MGM shelf at this point. Here’s hoping the films and the filmmakers are given a fair shot, and that we get a chance to decide for ourselves as viewers whether these movies deserved their time in limbo, or whether they are gems, finally rescued from an unjust imprisonment.

We’ll have more as the details of the releases come into focus.