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Rumoured Projects

Amy has been attached to several projects over the years, but for some reason or another, didn’t end up filming or completing these projects. Below is a list of these projects (complete to the best of my knowledge) purely as a reference for the benefit of the fans. However, if you have any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Common Law – TV Series (2012)

Amy as Dr. Emma Ryan

Synopsis: In the buddy cop drama, Warren Kole and Michael Ealy play homicide detectives whose constant quarreling gets them sent to couples therapy. Their shrink? Sonya Walger, who will co-star as Dr. Emma Ryan, a smart, attractive psychiatrist with a keen sense of humor. She graduated at the top of her class and started a practice in Beverly Hills but started to feel like a pill dispenser to her rich clientele. To fill the void, Dr. Ryan started offering low-cost Alcoholics Anonymous and couples’ group therapy at the local community center where she applies her strong insight into the relationship between these two police partners.

Status: Amy did film the pilot; but while waiting for series pickup (in 2011), for unknown reasons, it was reported that Amy’s role of the therapist was to be recast. It is unlikely that we’ll ever get to see this episode.

The Last Time I Made Straight A’s (2010)

Amy as Kathy Henderson [possibly Katherine]

Synopsis: Pressured by his deceased mother’s ghost to return home to the family he abandoned, a former addict grabs a bag of pills and a sack of marijuana and hits the road to Shreveport.

Status: Amy was attached to this project back in 2009, alongside Scoot McNairy & Amy’s husband, James Carpinello, who were also listed as producers. No further information/news was available. In the end, the movie was made in 2012 under the title of Straight A’s with a completely different cast & director — Anna Paquin; Ryan Phillippe; Luke Wilson. The writer, Dave Cole, and Scoot McNairy are the only original members (as far as I’m aware) that remained.

Thanks to Gravity (2006)

Amy as ?

Synopsis: Formerly known as The Final Season, it tells the story of a young man named Kent Stock (Sean Astin) who ditches his wedding plans to take over as head coach of the Norway High School baseball team. Amy will play Kent’s love interest, a by-the-book lawyer who is representing the State’s side in the team’s reorganisation process.
– Angel magazine (UK) issue 23; June 2005

Status: It looks like Amy’s role was recast since there is no mention of Amy in this film on IMDB.

The Perfect Man (2005)

Amy as ?

Synopsis: Hilary Duff stars in this comedy as Holly, a teenager whose lovelorn single mum (Heather Locklear) moves the family including her youngest daughter (Aria Wallace) to a new state every time she gets dumped, which is often. Their latest residence turns out to be Brooklyn, where the now thoroughly destabilised Holly decides that enough is enough and works to prevent mum from dating yet another local loser. She uses a friend’s handsome uncle (Chris Noth) as the unwitting basis for a fictional secret admirer to keep mum occupied, but the deception quickly spins out of control, resulting in some madcap hijinks. Meanwhile, a classmate who is a comic book artist (Ben Feldman) falls for Holly, but she’s way too edgy to notice that love has found her instead of her mum. The soundtrack is peppered with Styx songs (singer Dennis DeYoung plays an impersonator of himself) and Vanessa Lengies quietly stands out with plenty of natural grace as Holly’s hipster high school buddy.

Status: Nearly every website online is still reporting that Amy was in this film, yet having watched the film myself — twice — I can see no mention of Amy, nor am I able to spot her. It is unknown which character Amy was slated to play.

The Unit (2006) – TV Series

Amy as Kim Brown

Synopsis: 1×01 “First Responders” – Bob Brown enters the Unit on a training mission in Idaho. An incident in Afghanistan had made it certain that more knowledge about mules was needed. His wife, Kim Brown, simultaneously moves into the Unit’s compound where she gets a long row of shocking surprises. Amongst them, the hijacking of a grounded plane with 125 passengers close to her husband’s location.

Status: Amy filmed the pilot in 2005 but her role was recast because the president of CBS at the time didn’t agree with the casting choice; the role went to Audrey Marie Anderson and the pilot was re-filmed, with subtle changes from the original. The series was subsequently launched in 2006. However, we’ve been lucky enough to have screencaptures of the unaired pilot added to the gallery, thanks to Bad Fred.

Special Unit 2 (2001) – TV Series [guest appearance]

Amy as Nancy

Synopsis: 2×04 “The Invisible” – The bogeyman kills a babysitter. Special Unit 2 must find him, but he can only be seen by kids, gnomes, and banshees. Several years ago, a killing by the bogeyman was blamed on an innocent man, and he’s scheduled to be executed. They must find a way to prove the bogeyman was the killer and keep the public unaware of SU2’s mission.

Status: Amy was slated to play Nancy but it looks like the role was recast since there is no mention of Amy in the episode; and while the actress has a likeness to Amy, it has been confirmed by a fellow webmistress who has seen the episode, that it isn’t Amy.

Hell House – TV Series (2000)

Amy as ?

Synopsis: “It was about seven college kids who lived in a haunted house, and I played a bitch in a wheelchair. That was the description for my character! So I was mean. I’m not sure what was going to happen because we never got beyond the pilot, but I think I was going to become a ghost. It was a neat idea. I don’t think you’d have heard of anyone else in the cast. It was a group of young, working actors who’ve all moved on to other stuff.”
– Amy Acker (Starburst (UK): “To Live and Thrive in LA” – 2001)

Status: Amy filmed the pilot for MTV but it is unlikely that we’ll ever get to learn more about this episode.