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‘No Ordinary Family’ 1×07 & 1×08 Screencaps

119 new HD screencaps of Amy’s performance in episodes 1×07 and 1×08 of No Ordinary Family have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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1×07 – No Ordinary Mobster Captures
1×08 – No Ordinary Accident Captures

Recurring Role For ‘No Ordinary Family’?

A little late, I know, but unfortunately my time online is very limited at the moment and I’ve been having problems with my internet connection, but on with the news!

It appears that Amy was also in episode 1×08 of No Ordinary Family, titled ‘No Ordinary Accident’, albeit briefly — the synopsis for the episode is available under the cut. However, BSC Review has a write-up of the episode (spoiler alert!) and suggests that Amy’s role is recurring since it follows on from the previous episode, but there’s still no clue if Amy’s character will be back again in future episodes. Here’s to hoping!

Screencaps of both episodes shall be added very soon. Again, sorry to keep you waiting, guys!

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‘No Ordinary Family’ Press Release

The press release for Amy’s upcoming guest spot on No Ordinary Family is now available — thanks to Spoiler TV — and tells us that her character’s name is Amanda Grayson. Details are under the cut due to minor spoilers.

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‘No Ordinary Family’ Stills

I’ve added 003 HQ stills to the gallery featuring the lovely Amy in her upcoming guest spot on No Ordinary Family — thanks to Spoiler TV — hopefully, more shall be released soon. A preview is to your right & the gallery link is below, enjoy!

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1×07 – No Ordinary Mobster Stills

‘No Ordinary Family’ Guest Spot Confirmed!

It has finally been confirmed that Amy will indeed be starring on No Ordinary Family in an upcoming guest appearance! The episode (1×07) will be airing on ABC on November 16 — be sure to check your local listings for the times! Screencaptures, as usual, shall be added shortly after the episode has aired.

The synopsis for the episode is under the cut as it contains mild spoilers. Still no word, however, on the character Amy is due to play, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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Amy Guesting on ‘No Ordinary Family’?

There may be an upcoming upcoming guest appearance/recurring role from Amy to look forward to! If this is true, it would reunite Amy with her Angel co-star, Julie Benz, on the new ABC series No Ordinary Family. How exciting! Here’s hoping we’ll get further news or details soon.

Article posted below, courtesy of Cinema Blend.

If you caught the first episode of ABC’s new family drama series No Ordinary Family and are looking forward to more, you may want to keep an eye out for Amy Acker. Word is, the former Angel star is going to be on the series.

Romany Malco, who plays Michael Chiklis’ character Jim’s friend George St. Cloud on the series (and you might recognize him from Weeds or 40 Year Old Virgin), posted the following tweet tonight [September 29]:

If UV seen NOF you’ll be happy to know that hottie @AmyAcker will be working w / George St. Cloud!

We haven’t seen anything official from ABC on this news yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for confirmation and more details. As far as Malco’s tweet, does “working with” mean job related? Or perhaps she’ll get involved in George’s part in Jim’s new role as a moonlighting superhero. Either way, if it’s true, I love it! And not to get too Buffy-geek here but this will be a Whedonverse collision as NoF’s Julie Benz was also in Angel.

In addition to her roles in Angel, Alias and Dollhouse, Acker was also among the cast of ABC’s Happy Town.

No Ordinary Family airs Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.