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‘Warehouse 13’ Blu-Ray Captures

Many thanks to my lovely friend Lauren, I’ve been able to replace the previously added captures from Amy’s guest appearance on Warehouse 13 (back in 2012!) with over 400 blu-ray captures. Gallery link & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
4×09 – The Ones You Love Captures

‘Warehouse 13’ Spoilery Recap

I’ve come across a detailed & spoiler heavy episode review of Amy’s guest spot on Warehouse 13 last week, for fans to catch up on Amy’s appearance; relevant extracts have been posted under the cut. Happy reading!

“Amy Acker is really good at alternating between sweet and happy and possessed and murderous, I have to say. Her artifact problem could have easily been ridiculous in the hands of another actor, but Acker makes it just sinister enough to creep viewers (and Myka) out.”

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‘Warehouse 13’ Guest Ep?

Apparently, Amy may have appeared on this week’s episode of Warehouse 13 — shall attempt to verify this asap!

EDIT: Thanks to Richard for confirming the news! Amy was indeed in the 2×09 Warehouse 13 episode, titled ‘The Ones You Love’ — IMDB has listed Amy’s character as being ‘Tracey’. Screencaptures shall be added shortly.

‘Warehouse 13’ Guest Spot!

Looks like we have another guest appearance from Amy to look forward to!

An article by TV Equals announcing the July premiere dates of Warehouse 13 and Alphas revealed the news — article extract is posted below. There’s no other information, as of yet, but stay tuned!

The SyFy Network has made the big announcement that both of their hit shows Warehouse 13 and Alphas are slated to make a comeback at the end of this July.

When ‘Warehouse 13’ returns the series will be in its fourth season with 10 new episodes set to kick off on July 23rd. In the New Year fans will get to see how the team comes together to deal with the destruction of the warehouse all while dealing with the death of Steve Jinks, Mrs. Frederic and H.G. Wells.

This season will also feature a line-up of guest stars that include actors Sam Huntington (Smallville), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: Next Generation), Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) and Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse).

Source: TV Equals