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‘Angel’ Cast Reunites for EW Cover!

The cast of Angel has reunited for an Entertainment Weekly cover, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show! Read the article in the press library, watch the clip below, and view the cover & photoshoot in the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Scans From 2019 > Entertainment Weekly (US) – June 28
From 2019 > Session 002

Amy on the Cover of TV Guide!

This is so exciting for long time fans! Amy is featured on the cover of TV Guide magazine, along with The Gifted co-star, Stephen Moyer, to promote their new show. Scans shall be added asap!

Amy Featured Inside Vanity Fair (US) July Issue!

It’s been a while since Amy was last featured in a magazine, but luckily for us, Amy is featured inside this month’s US edition of Vanity Fair!! I had no idea about this until Joss Whedon tweeted about it on his official twitter — it was later confirmed by Amy herself & her husband on their respective twitters.

A small preview is to your right from the table of contents page on the official website for Vanity Fair magazine. I’ve also added the preview from Joss Whedon’s twitter account to the gallery. It looks like a promotion for Much Ado About Nothing — and such a classy & gorgeous photoshoot!

Hopefully, I can replace the preview with HQ scans soon — if you can help out, it’d be much appreciated! I won’t be able to get hold of the issue in the UK until next month.

Gallery Link
Scans From 2013 > Vanity Fair (US) – July

Rare Magazine Issues

Just a head’s up that I am still looking for the following magazines (circa 2002-2003) in order to make original scans for the site, but since the publication date i.e. month & year the issue was released is unknown, it is extremely difficult to find these issues online. Of course, any additional issues that I am unaware of would also be welcomed! Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated; feel free to email me or leave a comment — thanks in advance!

• Seventeen (US) – LQ preview
• Zink (US) – LQ preview
• FW (US) – issue 28
• Movieline’s Hollywood Life (US) – group feature; much like the 2003 Seventeen issue
• The Face (UK) – LQ preview

‘Fire & Ice’ Airing in October on Sci Fi

The official Sci Fi website — peep the gorgeous artwork! — has posted the air date for Fire and Ice; it will air on Saturday, October 18 at 9/8C on the Sci Fi Channel (US fans only.) I shall try to find an air date for non US countries.

I would also appreciate it if anyone could record the movie so I can provide fans with screencaptures & clips, thanks in advance.

In other news, Amy is featured inside the official magazine and I can confirm that it also features the first still of Amy as Dr. Claire Saunders in the upcoming Dollhouse! I have the magazine, thanks to Brian Murphy for sending it out to me, so expect scans to be added soon.