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‘Much Ado’ Featurette Blu-Ray Captures

Many thanks to my co-web Stef, I’ve added blu-ray captures from the ‘Making Ado Out of Nothing’ featurette to the gallery — sadly, they’re only available on the Region 1 DVD. Gallery link & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
Blu-Ray Extras: ‘Making Ado Out of Nothing’ Featurette

‘Much Ado’ DVD Captures

The gallery has been updated with almost 1,200 HQ DVD screencaptures of Amy’s performance in Much Ado About Nothing — I cannot express how much I love this movie; every actor is perfect in their role & is so well worth watching, even if you’re not familiar with the Shakespearean language. Gallery link & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
DVD Screencaptures

‘Much Ado’ Blu-Ray Extras Revealed

I believe it’s also been confirmed that the DVD will receive the same extras! Both the Blu-Ray & DVD will be released on October 8, 2013 (Region 1) and is available for pre-order from Amazon, with the Region 2 release being available from October 7, 2013 on Amazon UK.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray release of director Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing (2012), starring Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Reed Diamond, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg and Fran Kranz. Whedon’s modern retelling of Shakespeare’s timeless tale arrives on Blu-ray on October 8th.

Official Synopsis: Winner of the IFF Boston Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, Much Ado About Nothing is a contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s classic comedy about sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick (Acker and Denisof), offering a sensual, tragic and occasionally absurd view of the intricate game that is love.

The Blu-ray release of Much Ado About Nothing features 1080p video, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround, an UltraViolet digital copy of the film, and the following extras:

– “Much Ado About Making Nothing” featurette
-“Bus Ado About Nothing” featurette
– Audio commentary with screenwriter/director Joss Whedon
– Audio commentary with screenwriter/director Joss Whedon and cast
– “Sigh No More” music video


TIFF Red Carpet & Variety Studio Captures

I’ve finally added the red carpet & Variety studio interview captures to the gallery — these are from the Toronto International Film Festival, which took place last year, when Much Ado About Nothing was screened. Gallery links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Interviews > Toronto International Film Festival – Toronto Video Diaries (2012)
Interviews > Toronto International Film Festival – Variety Studio (2012)
Red Carpet > Toronto International Film Festival – Press Plus 1 (2012)
Red Carpet > Toronto International Film Festival – The Gate (2012)

Q&A: Amy Acker by TheaterJones

A lovely, lengthy, interview from Amy’s hometown of Dallas, Texas, is posted below — and a brand new photoshoot attached to the interview was also added to the gallery last week. Enjoy!

The Dallas native, who appeared at Undermain Theatre and Stage West before being cast in TV’s Angel, on playing Beatrice in Joss Whedon’s film Much Ado About Nothing.

Growing up in Dallas, Amy Acker’s first interest in the performing arts was ballet. But after a knee surgery, she had to put that on the backburner and, at Lake Highlands High School, started doing theater. That turned out to be a fortuitous decision.

That led to her studying theater at Southern Methodist University. While there, she acted in a number of local professional theaters, including at Undermain Theatre in Therese Raquin, for which she was nominated for a Leon Rabin Award; and at Stage West in 1998, in Richard Kalinoski’s Beast on the Moon, about survivors of the Armenian genocide.

After SMU—where, incidentally, she was roommates with Dana Vokolek, now with AT&T Performing Arts Center and married to local director, actor and goremeister Cameron Cobb—it was off to New York, but not before playing Hero in a production of Much Ado About Nothing at American Players Theater in Wisconsin.

Then came the big break: An audition for Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel, starring David Boreanz as a brooding vampire with a soul. Acker was cast in the part of Fred (short for Winifred), who debuted at the end of season two and became a series regular. That put her in the circle of Whedon’s players, so to speak, a group that has stayed friends. One of their frequent activities, even when Buffy and Angel were on the air, was to gather for informal readings of Shakespeare’s plays.

After wrapping the 2012 mega-hit The Avengers, which Whedon wrote and directed (and is now the second-biggest box office hit of all time, after Avatar), his next Shakespeare reading project was Much Ado About Nothing, with Acker playing Beatrice opposite Alexis Denisof (Watcher Wesley in Buffy and Angel, and real-life husband of Alyson Hannigan, who played Willow in Buffy).

The Much Ado project turned into a film, which was shot in 12 days entirely in and on the property of the house owned by Whedon and his wife, Kai Cole. Several other Buffyverse actors are in it, including Nathan Fillion (Whedon’s Firefly and the final season of Buffy before he broke out in Castle) as Dogberry and Tom Lenk (Andrew from season six and seven of Buffy) as Verges. The film is now open everywhere (when it opened on just five screens in New York, it set records for an independent film).

After time in the Buffyverse, as it’s called, Acker appeared in shows like Alias, Whedon’s Dollhouse and, currently, in CBS’ Person of Interest. She was also in Whedon’s horror film Cabin in the Woods. She married a theater actor James Carpinello (Broadway’s Saturday Night Fever, as Tony; and the original Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages), with whom she has two kids. They spend their time between New York and LA.

On a recent press tour for Much Ado, she stopped in Dallas. We sat down with her to talk about working with the Whedon family, playing Beatrice and working at Undermain and Stage West before she hit it big. Some of that is in the interview below, and some is in the video at the end, which also includes a movie trailer for Much Ado.

TheaterJones: Was Angel your first big TV role?

Amy Acker: Well, there was Wishbone here in Dallas.

Ah, yes, there was a time when every theater actor in town had the TV credits of Wishbone, Barney or Walker, Texas Ranger in their bios. What did you do on Wishbone?

I played so many roles. I think I married him once, I was his mother once. [laughs]

Did you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer before you auditioned for Angel?

Oh yes. At SMU everybody had a Tuesday night Buffy-watching party, so if I was not in rehearsal or in a show, I was watching it.

Tell us about Whedon’s now-famous Shakespeare reading parties.

When I started doing Angel, he invited me to a Shakespeare reading at his house. The week before he had it he’d say “we’re reading Midsummer, and you’re Helena,” and he’d have copies of the play for whoever didn’t have one. We’d sit out on his patio and there’d be wine and food and we’d be dorks.

Because it was such an informal reading, did you do any wild casting? Like, did you ever play Hamlet?

No, but Joss did a really good Hamlet. It wasn’t anything crazy like that, but at the same time, the reason he killed off Fred [in Angel] and made [the fifth season character] Illyria [which Acker also played] came from one of the readings.

Twelfth Night?

I think it was Romeo and Juliet, actually. He would see different things people were doing, and write an episode based on what we had done in these readings.

Source: TheaterJones

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‘Much Ado’ Various Interview Captures

I’ve updated the gallery with mostly HQ screen captures from the many interviews, talk shows & red carpet appearances that Amy made while promoting Much Ado About Nothing — many more yet to be added! Gallery links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Talk Shows > Last Uploads
Interviews > Last Uploads
Red Carpet > Last Uploads

The Making of Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

Another lovely interview, this time with the cast of Much Ado About Nothing, including Amy, courtsey of Backstage. There’s also a lovely cast photo attached to the interview, which I’ve added to the gallery.

Joss Whedon knows how to build an ensemble. Whether it’s a blockbuster franchise like “The Avengers” or any of his beloved television series, the writer-director specializes in matching his stable of great actors to the right material. So when he decided to tackle Shakespeare’s classic tale of sparring lovers, “Much Ado About Nothing,” he gave it a distinctly Whedonesque spin. Whedon shot the film in black and white in only 12 days at his Santa Monica home, using an ensemble of actors with whom he was already familiar. Many had performed the Bard’s words for Whedon as part of his legendary Shakespeare brunches, where he gathers actors at his home to read plays. His “Ado” film cast includes “Angel” stars Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof, who play soul mates Beatrice and Benedick; “Dollhouse” genius Fran Kranz as young lover Claudio; “Avengers” agent Clark Gregg as Leonato; and “Firefly” captain Nathan Fillion as the comically inept constable Dogberry.

How did Joss first approach you about doing the movie?
Clark Gregg: I was at a barbecue at his house like a week after “The Avengers” had wrapped. I’d seen what he’d just been through for five months, and I was curious where he was going to go be comatose for a week before he had to start editing. He said, “Actually, I’m going to do a film of ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ ” I felt like guys in white suits were going to come up behind him. Then I realized he was serious, and he asked me if I would be in it. I had just that day said yes to go do a play in New York. I was kind of heartbroken. Then they pushed the play two weeks, and you wouldn’t think that would be enough time to fit a feature film. But I was afraid if I called he’d say, “Ohhhh.” Then he called a couple days later to say someone couldn’t do it, and was I in? We’d start tomorrow.

Amy Acker: Mine is boring: I just got a call.

Alexis Denisof: I’ll tell you mine. The last time I’d seen Joss was halfway through the shoot of Clark’s little movie, “The Avengers,” in which I had a small role. He called, having just wrapped, and he said, “I just got back, and I need to talk to you. Are you around?” I put the phone down and said to my wife, “Bad news, honey, I’m pretty sure I’ve been cut from ‘The Avengers.’ ” She said, “Why don’t you relax first and then see what he has to say?” So he arrived and pulled the script out of his pocket and said, “I’m thinking of shooting this at my house in two or three weeks. I’ve got 12 days. What do you think?” I had already said yes before he finished the sentence. It sort of felt like how he’d say, “Let’s do a reading.”

Acker: Nobody really knew it was going to be a real movie.

Nathan Fillion: I thought he was going to film us sitting around reading. I thought, This will be low pressure!

Fran Kranz: I really believed that too. Then I saw a group email where he was stressing, “Know your lines,” and I saw all these names involved, and I thought, This is incredible. And the first A.D. emailed me asking for my social security, and I wrote back, “Are we getting paid for this?”

Denisof: I spent more on babysitters than whatever that check was. But I’d do it all again.

Gregg: You guys got paid?

When did you realize you were making a real movie?
Kranz: When Nathan tried to get out of it.

Fillion: I was working at the time, and the schedule’s pretty horrendous, and I was going to work weekends to do the movie, and I was nervous. I tried to pull out. He said no. And thank God he said no.

Denisof: He could see Nathan would knock this out of the park and wouldn’t let him chicken out.

Fillion: “Chicken” is a strong word. It’s accurate, but strong.

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Amy Acker Exclusive Interview & New Movie!

Another lovely interview from Amy, this time with Female First, where Amy also mentions that she’s filming a new movie this Summer & hopefully she’ll return to season 3 of Person of Interest! As soon as more information becomes available, I’ll be sure to update the site.

Amy Acker reunites with director Joss Whedon this week as she takes on the role of Beatrice in his adaptation of the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.

We caught up with the actress to chat about the film, tackling this iconic character and reunited with Whedon.

– Much Ado About Nothing is set to hit the big screen this week so can you tell me a little bit about the film?

The story is a well known Shakespeare play that has become the template for all romantic comedies that have followed. It is just a great story that Joss has brought his own modern, romantic and sexy take to.

We had no expectations of what this could be and the fact that it is being seen by anyone has exceeded our expectations.

– You take on the role of Beatrice in the film so what was it about this character and the script that really drew you to the project?

This is a character that I have loved since I read the play in high school; I would be lying if didn’t say I have sat alone in my bedroom saying the words out loud.

I think it is just one of the best written parts as she is an amazingly strong woman who is so much before her time. I think of Beatrice as a role model for me as a person as well: I wish that I could be like her in real life (laughs).

My first job out of college I played Hero and as a young actress looking up to the actress playing Beatrice it made me know that this was what I really wanted to do.

– You have slightly touched on my next question really as taking on a Shakespeare play of any kind can be a daunting thing so what kind of Shakespeare experience have you had in the past?

I was really lucky because I had an English teacher in high school that was passionate and excited about Shakespeare and shared it with us in a way that made me fall in love with it from the beginning.

In college I went to theatre school that had a summer programme in New Mexico that was a Shakespeare intensive. So we camped out and did a Shakespeare camp; that was a really fun way to get to know his work.

After college I was working at the American Player’s Theatre I got to this play and other classics. I loved all of that and it really was a very exciting way to start my acting career.

– Some people may not be familiar with this play and this story so how are we going to see the character of Beatrice develop throughout the film?

The really cool thing about this movie is that Joss adds an unwritten and silent scene at the beginning of the film that really informs her and Benedick’s history.

It really makes it clear some of the lines that come along later that are always been open to interpretation of what their past exactly was. We decided what we interpreted that to be and then shot it; there is not question as to what has happened with them.

I think you see the place that she is coming from and you see the amazing journey of a woman who is fighting love but eventually succumbs to it.

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‘Much Ado’ Apple Store & Shakespeare’s Globe Images

First off, Much Ado About Nothing has been released in cinemas today, in the UK & Ireland! Be sure to view the official website for a cinema listing near you.

Secondly, thanks to the official Facebook, I’ve added images of Amy, Joss Whedon & Alexis Denisof at the Apple Store Q&A session to the gallery, which took place after the gala screening, as well as images from the interview that took place at Shakespeare’s Globe in London — I believe a podcast from the Apple Store Q&A should be released soon. Gallery links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Apple Store Q&A – ‘Much Ado About Nothing’
Shakespeare’s Globe Interview – ‘Much Ado About Nothing’