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‘Sironia’ HD Captures

First off, if you haven’t seen Sironia yet, I highly recommend you do so — the movie is beautifully shot; the actors are flawless, with a wonderful performance from Amy; and the music is hauntingly beautiful & lovely to listen to — so much so, I’m even tempted to purchase the official soundtrack! The movie is available to purchase on iTunes.

Since this is an Amy Acker Fan Exclusive, I only ask that you don’t repost these images elsewhere, thank you. Thus, over 1,500 HD captures have been added to the gallery; link & previews are below, enjoy!

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HD Captures

‘Sironia’ Waco Theatre Run & DVD Release

It looks like that Sironia shall be released in local cinemas from September 28, 2012 & on Region 1 DVD on October 16, 2012 — can’t wait! The relevant extract from the article has been posted below.

The irony hasn’t escaped director Brandon Dickerson: He won’t be present at next week’s long-awaited Waco screenings of his film “Sironia” because he’s working on a new movie.

“I’m so bummed,” he said in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, where he’s doing pre-production work on his next film project. “But I couldn’t be more thrilled it’s in Waco.”

More than two years after Dickerson and his crew completed filming the Waco scenes for “Sironia,” the finished movie gets its local close-up.

There will be a 7 p.m. Thursday showing in Room 101 of Baylor University’s Castellaw Communications Building, as part of the Texas Independent Film Network series.

After the screening, at around 9:30 p.m., Wes Cunningham, the lead actor, composer and performer of the film’s songs, will play in concert at Common Grounds coffeehouse adjoining the Baylor campus.

The film’s weeklong theatrical release starts Sept. 28 at Hollywood Jewel 16 Cinemas with a question-and-answer session with actors Cunningham and Stella Otto after the 6:30 p.m. Sept. 28 and Sept. 29 screenings. Dickerson’s heard some good-natured grumbling about how long it’s taken to get “Sironia” to Waco, but he says critics are missing the point: It may have taken two years, but Waco gets the only theatrical run the movie will have. On Oct. 16, the film goes digital, with an iTunes, Video on Demand and DVD release.

Source: Waco Tribune-Herald

Upcoming ‘Sironia’ Festival Screenings

Amy’s movie that was filmed on location in Texas with Wes Cunningham shall be screening at 2 separate film festivals this month — and according to the film’s official twitter, Amy shall be making an appearance at the SF IndieFest, on the Sunday — thanks to Richard for the heads up! Screening info is posted below. Hopefully, we’ll see some pics from these events!

@SIRONIAFILM Looking forward to SIRONIA screening at SFIndieFest. Amy Acker will be there!

• San Francisco Independent Film Festival (official site)
– Sunday, February 12
– Wednesday, February 15

• Sedona International Film Festival (official site)
– Tuesday, February 21
– Friday, February 24

‘Sironia’ Trailer & Stills

What a lovely surprise! Amy’s role in upcoming movie Sironia, is in fact, the lead, and not a small part as I’d been led to believe — as confirmed by the Official Website — which also contains a wealth of information, including production stills & a trailer, of which screencaptures have been added to the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Artwork & Posters
Production Stills
Trailer Screencaptures

‘Sironia’ Screening at 2011 Austin Film Festival

There’s an article at which briefly mentions that Sironia is one of the films selected to appear at this year’s Austin Film Festival in the ‘Texas Independents’ category — Amy has a small role in this film. The official website for the AFF states that it will be the world premiere & there’s a synopsis available; posted below.

Real life singer-songwriter and co-writer Wes Cunningham portrays Thomas, a man who has been chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood music machine. A once ambitious musician, he impulsively moves with his pregnant wife to a small town called Sironia, Texas in search of authenticity and purpose in his life. While there, he gladly joins the ranks of the locals including his brother-in-law and Texas socialite sister-in-law. As time passes, he grows more and more frustrated with his life, sinking further and further into failure. Denying the help from the people of Sironia, including his close friends and loving family, he slips into alcoholism and despair only to be saved by his own music.

The AFF opens on October 20, 2011. Hopefully, Amy shall make an appearance!

‘Sironia’ Official Website Online

Just a heads up that the official website for Sironia is now online, although at the moment, it only contains a lovely poster — which I’ve since added to the gallery.

I’ve also added the behind-the-scenes photo that Amy posted on her official Twitter — where, coincidentally, Amy confirms that she was staying in Waco, Texas, with her latest tweet. A preview is to your right & the gallery links are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
Artwork & Posters
Behind the Scenes

‘Sironia’ Details

A search has thrown up a few articles regarding this new movie — it is an indie film written & directed by Brandon Dickerson with Robyn Lively and Tony Hale as the leads, as confirmed by THR. This suggests that Amy has a small(ish) role in this movie, but exciting nevertheless!

There’s also an interesting article from a local paper, which offers some back story on the film and states that filming shall move to Los Angeles from May 19; the full article is under the cut.

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New Project: ‘Sironia’?

Exciting news! It looks like Amy may be currently filming a new project — I did wonder since Amy has posted on her official Twitter that she’s in Texas (from April 30) as well as a lovely pic with Tony Hale & the tweet regarding a night shoot.

Also, IMDB has the project listed on Amy’s resume, albeit rumoured, and offers the following synopsis:

A singer-songwriter beat up by the L.A. music machine who moves with his wife to Sironia, Texas.

So, for now, I shall add this project to the sidebar & hopefully we’ll have further confirmation and/or information regarding this project later on.