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‘Crossroads’ Screencaps

Huge thanks to April, we now have over 350 super HQ DVD screencaptures from Crossroads (aka The Novice) in the gallery — Amy looks gorgeous as usual, while the film itself looks to be an enjoyable viewing! I’ve also added a better quality version of the artwork/DVD cover to the gallery, thanks to Lisa. Gallery links and previews are below, enjoy!

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DVD Screencaptures

‘The Novice’ Images & DVD!

It’s been a while since there’s been anything new on The Novice — it was filmed back in 2004 and completed production by 2006 — but good news! The film has finally been released on Region 1 DVD at, under the title Crossroads; this was the original title when filming commenced. Such a pretty DVD cover! However, the price may be considered pricey since it’s listed as $22.49 (RRP $24.95) and as far as I can see, there are no extras available. Saying that, it’s been such a while for this movie to be released that I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra!

After doing a little research, Crossroads has also been airing on channels such as SHOe and Time Warner Cable On Demand, both US channels I believe. Hopefully, screencaptures shall be added to the site soon; I’m keeping my fingers crossed the movie gets released on Region 2!

And finally, a trailer has been released — described as an “Open-ended Trailer from MTI Home Video” — the film itself looks lovely, and Amy of course, looks wonderful. Unfortunately, they did manage to spell Amy’s name wrong. The images have been added to the gallery; previews & links are below, enjoy!

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‘Voices’ Stills & Synopsis

Huge thanks to Jademaliburoad of (also a dear affiliate of AAF) for allowing me to post the stills & artwork of upcoming movie, Voices, in the gallery. They are low quality, unfortunately, but I shall keep an eye out for HQ versions. Gallery links and previews are below.

Click on ‘Read the rest of this entry’ for the synopsis, which is rather spoiler-ery – and among other things, we learn that Amy’s character is called Ellie Daly.

And finally, be sure to visit the same site for brand new HQ stills of The Novice. Enjoy!

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Voices > Artwork & Posters
Voices > Promotional
Voices > Stills

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‘The Novice’ Article

[An old article that I came across which gives a little more background on The Novice – although there is no mention of Amy, it is a good read!]

Mobile moviemaking: Filmmakers finish shooting ’The Novice’ in the area Set in Mobile, the movie stars Jacob Pitts, Alan Arkin and Joanne Whalley

Cast, crew and bystanders threw quick, anxious looks at the threatening sky — dark except during the short-spaced lightning bursts — on the set last week of the independent feature film “The Novice.”

Mostly, their attention was on a goat — a goat that seemed intent on giving one interpretation to the scene being filmed, whereas the director wanted another.

In other words, director Murray Robinson — a Mobile native who this past weekend concluded a month of principal photography at locations in Mobile and Baldwin counties — desired the goat to move in a particular direction.

Take after take, the goat went the other way. Actors Jacob Pitts, Alan Arkin and Joanne Whalley, who were all nearby, awaited their turn in front of the lens.

Eventually, Robinson got his shot — or, at least, some compromised version of it.

Then the rain fell hard and sent everyone and a great deal of expensive moviemaking equipment racing for the shelter of the St. Joan of Arc School on Ann Street, which in the movie is standing in for the fictional Seaside Rescue Mission.

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The Novice Stills

I’ve just stumbled across 002 MQ stills for The Novice — an independent that Amy filmed back in 2004, which received it’s world premiere at the Crossroads Film Festival earlier this year, and has yet to be released in theaters or on DVD. However, the fact that stills have surfaced are a good indication that something may be happening very soon or next year, even! Gallery link and previews are below, enjoy!

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The Novice > Stills

Filmmakers celebrate independence

[Good news! It looks like The Novice may get a theatrical release after all!]

Extract below; view the article in full; visit the official website (both opens in a new window.)

“Telling our stories” is the mantra of the Crossroads Film Festival, a four-day celebration of independent film kicking off its eighth year today.

…Some films even make their debut at Crossroads.

“There’s quite a few that are Mississippi premieres and a couple of world premieres as well,” Snell said.

One film making its world premiere at Crossroads is The Novice, a film written and directed by Mobile native Murray Robinson, a graduate of Millsaps College who wrote the film’s script while living in Jackson.

The film tells the story of Peter (Jacob Pitts), a Jesuit seminarian whose path in life is altered when he falls in love with a flower child named Jill (Amy Acker). The supporting cast includes Oscar winner Alan Arkin as well as acting vets Frank Langella and Orson Bean, who all play priests.

The film was shot in Robinson’s home state of Alabama and financed by local money. The film was completed in 2005, and while Robinson has been seeking a theatrical release for the film, Arkin’s recent Oscar win has brought welcome attention to The Novice.

“When we cast Alan, Little Miss Sunshine hadn’t even gone into production yet,” Robinson said. “None of that could have been foreseen … we were delighted when he read the script and liked it and responded to it.”

EDIT: It looks like The Novice is premiering tonight @ 7pm but if you’re in the area, you can still get tickets — visit the website for more details.