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Amy in a Music Video!

In case you didn’t know, Amy is featured in a music video by Scapegoat Wax for the song ‘Lost Cause’ (2002) – she looks super cute! You can view the video on YouTube (opens in a new window.) Amy appears around the 1.14 minute mark and towards the end in a handful of scenes. Her real life best friend, Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) is also in the video. It does seem to be an older video, but I only found out about it today. Screencaps shall be added soon!

I have also have several treats coming up so be sure to check back!

‘Fire & Ice’ Official Website Online

Another of Amy’s upcoming projects, Fire & Ice, has launched it’s official website – which you can view here. It currently contains a promotional video of sorts (more like an extended trailer) but with only music playing in the background; there’s no dialogue whatsoever. I shall try to add screencaps to the gallery a.s.a.p.!

‘Voices’ Airing on Lifetime!

It looks like Voices has been re-named to A Near Death Experience and it has already aired on Lifetime. However, a repeat viewing shall be shown on Tuesday, 15 January at 9:51 pm ET. Be sure to tune in! You can also view the official page here (opens in a new window.)

If anyone would be able to donate screencaps as I don’t get this channel, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Another New Project!

Huge thanks to Jademaliburoad for letting me know, Amy recently started filming a brand new movie in Romania for the Sci Fi channel titled Fire and Ice. It is a fantasy piece and Amy plays the lead, Princess Luisa. It is being directed by French director Pitof and other cast includes John Rhys-Davies (Sliders and Lord of the Rings.) View additional details at IMDB.

Plot: Princess Luisa and Knight Adrian (played by Tom Wisdom) must face a dragon in order to save their kingdom. It will air on the Sci Fi channel in November 2008 and September 2008 for Romania.

New Guest Appearances!

Apologies for completely missing this, but Amy guest-starred on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (episode 7×03 “Smile”) last night – no episode stills or such have been released – so screencaptures of the episode would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide them. Thanks in advance!

BUT, Amy will also be guest-starring on Ghost Whisperer next week (episode 3×05 “The Weight of What Was”) – a Halloween centric episode. It will air on Friday October 26, 7pm Central time on CBS. And the good news is, I managed to find and add 003 HQ stills to the gallery. Gallery link and previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
3×05 – The Weight of What Was Stills

Power Announces MIPCOM Lineup

Power will offer up a lineup of new mini-series, contemporary action series and a range of TV movies at MIPCOM.

… Building on the success of its Power Thrillers, a stable of two-hour prime-time made-for-television movies featuring dynamic female leads, Power will also present Lethal Obsession and Voices, the latest titles in that growing portfolio. Lethal Obsession stars Kellie Martin (Live Once, Die Twice, ER) as a young mother who hides a blighted past. Voices stars Amy Acker (Angel, Alias) as a woman who is forced to play detective when she discovers an unlikely ability to communicate with the dead.


‘Voices’ Update

…The first two MOW’s completed this year are LETHAL OBSESSION starring Kellie Martin directed by Philippe Gagnon and VOICES starring Amy Acker and directed by Don Terry. Incendo plans to finish 2007 with a total of 6 movies.

MISTAKEN, LETHAL OBSESSION and VOICES will all air on TMN: The Movie Network, Movie Central and Super Ecran in Canada and on Lifetime in the United States.

Source: Incendo

‘Angel’ Star Acker Goes Into ‘Drive’

[It looks like Amy will be returning to our screens very soon!]

Actress joins fellow Minear favorite Nate Fillion
January 19, 2007

LOS ANGELES — Tim Minear appears to be rounding up a cast of his favorite stars for his new FOX drama.

It’s being reported across the Internet that Amy Acker, one of the stars of the Minear-produced WB series “Angel,” will play a key role in “Drive,” set to premiere on FOX later this spring.

Acker will play the abducted wife of landscaper Alex Tully, the character played by Nathan Fillion, star of another Minear series, the short-lived “Firefly.”

The series focuses on an underground race across America and is produced by Minear, Ben Queen and Greg Yaitanes. Other actors cast in the ensemble include Kristin Lehman, Melanie Lynskey, Dylan Baker and Taryn Manning.

Acker, the once-and-future Winifred “Fred” Burkle from “Angel,” had a recurring role on late-era “Alias” and also made a guest appearance last season on “How I Met Your Mother.”