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‘The Gifted’ 2×14-2×16 Captures & Additional Stills

HQ captures from episodes 14-16 of The Gifted have now been added to the gallery, as well as additional stills for episodes 15 & 16. Links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
– Production Stills
– 2×14 – calaMity Captures
– 2×15 – Monsters Captures
– 2×16 – oMens Captures

‘The Gifted’ Cancelled

To be honest, I was sadly expecting this announcement.

Fox has opted not to renew its sophomore drama series The Gifted for a third season. The family adventure series, set in Marvel’s X-Men universe, comes from 20th Century Fox TV, which now is part of Disney.

I hear that there have been no real conversations but there is a chance for The Gifted to find a new home within the Disney family. The show is produced by Marvel Television, which currently has series on Disney-owned Freeform and Disney-controlled Hulu. (Disney+’s Marvel series come from the company’s movie division.)

The Gifted was well received by critics, with its second season scoring even higher on Rotten Tomatoes (85% vs. 74% for Season 1.) But the drama was a soft performer in linear ratings for Fox in its second season, which wrapped in February. The Gifted‘s second season averaged a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating in Live+7, about half of its Season 1 average (2.0), and 3.3 million viewers.

Because Fox no longer has ownership in the series, linear ratings play a bigger role in the broadcast network’s renewal decisions. (Like most genre series, The Gifted does well in online viewing).

The Gifted is one of two genre dramas to launch on Fox in fall 2017. The other, The Orville, also from 20th TV, is expected to be renewed.

The Gifted, from writer Matt Nix, focuses on a suburban couple (Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker) whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White also star.

Source: Deadline

‘The Gifted’ 2×16 Press Release & Stills

The press release & production stills from the season finale of The Gifted have been released.


Reeva prepares to carry out her plan for the Inner Circle, but not everyone is on the same page. Reed struggles to manage his powers and the family realizes that without enough of the serum, it’s only a matter of time before he completely loses control. Frustrated and egged on by Benedict Ryan, Jace and the Purifiers are on the attack, but for Jace, things aren’t as black and white as they once were in the all-new “oMens” season finale episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Feb. 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-216) (TV-14 L, V)

Source: FOX

Matt Nix Talks About a Possible Season 3 for The Gifted

There’s no news yet on a possible season 3 renewal or cancellation, but posted below is the creator’s take on the 2nd season of The Gifted and the possibility of season 3.

There has been some serious blood in the water when it comes to Marvel TV since the fall of last year. Since then, we’ve seen Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Legion all either get canceled or, in the case of Legion, announce that the third season will be the last one. Everyone seems to be waiting for the axe to come down on The Punisher and Jessica Jones, then we have a show like The Gifted that is stuck in limbo. While critically the show is still doing pretty well, the ratings have suffered considerably in the second season. After the TCA panel, showrunner Matt Nix was interviewed by SyFy about the current season and where they hope to go from here.

… in terms of the current season it was about “factions,” adding, “… we wanted to explore multiple sides. Even people who might be ostensible allies in theory aren’t necessarily on the same side. Any political situation in the country right now, you can see the fights within the sides are at least as fierce between the sides.”

The X-Men have always been about exploring two very different approaches to one problem and in the case of The Gifted, they are also exploring the human side as well. There still nothing in terms of season three and Nix said: “I guess we’ll find out at Upfronts.” The Fox acquisition is being cited as one of the many reasons the X-Men are sort of up in the air right now. When asked how that might impact the show Nix thinks it’s a little too early to make that call one way or another.

“It’s all premature,” Nix says. “I guess the bottom line is, and I can speak for everyone who works on the show, we’d love to do it again. I think that most likely there is some evolution going forward in a situation where we come back; there probably is. As to whether it constitutes a creative compromise is impossible to know at this point. … In conversations I’ve had with my writers, everybody feels the same way, which is nobody would want to come back to terms that made it impossible to do a good show, and frankly we wouldn’t say yes to that. But the reality is that shows evolve.”

Finally, the impending changes to the X-Men universe have made a lot of people wonder how creators are reacting to it. Nix was asked if the sale made him or his team change how they approached the season two finale and he said that it didn’t.

“Not really,” Nix said. “Honestly, I was very pleased with how we landed this season in that there’s no question that there is a strong and specific direction to go if we come back. And there is no question if we don’t come back that we have told a story. Fortunately, nobody said, ‘Button it up. It’s done.’ But to be honest, even if we were certain, it’s cruel to be like, ‘Okay, everybody that stuck with this show, if we don’t come back, you’re screwed. There will be no satisfaction ever.’ That’s not a cool way to make television.”

The Gifted has two more episodes to wrap up its season two plotlines and we likely won’t find out the fate of the show until closer to May if Fox decides to wait until the last minute to announce a cancellation or a renewal. Fans of the show will have to just sit and wait to find out if this is the last time we’ll see these characters.

Source: Bleeding Cool

‘The Gifted’ 2×12 & 2×13 Captures

Apologies for the delay. HQ captures from episodes 12 & 13 of The Gifted have now been added to the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
– 2×12 – hoMe Captures
– 2×13 – teMpted Captures

‘The Gifted’ 2×14 & 2×15 Press Release & Stills


When one of the Inner Circle goes missing, Reeva intensifies security in their compound, but realizes that her plans may have already been exposed. Furious and paranoid, Reeva resorts to violence. Caitlin and Reed consider using the serum to restrict Lauren’s use of her powers, hoping it will help her as she wrestles with nightmares about the Inner Circle and her ancestors. And it’s the battle of two extreme ideologies when the Morlocks and the Purifiers come face-to-face in battle in the all-new “calaMity” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Feb. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-214) (TV-14 L, V)

Source: FOX


Lauren can’t access her powers when it matters most, leaving Caitlin to take matters into her own hands when they are being pursued. Reeva finally reveals her plan for the Inner Circle and it’s darker than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, Jace confronts some regrets about his actions and is torn between pressures from the Purifiers and his own beliefs in the all-new “Monsters” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Feb. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-215) (TV-14 L, V)

Source: FOX

‘The Gifted’ 2×13 Press Release


Lauren stops sleeping so she can avoid the forces in her dreams pushing her towards joining Andy and giving in to her dark side. Glow is in trouble after being shot by the Purifiers, and Blink convinces the Morlocks to let Caitlin save Glow. Meanwhile, Polaris learns the details of what Reeva is planning, and Reed helps Lauren fight off her dreams in the all-new “teMpted” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Jan. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-213) (TV-14 L, V)

Source: FOX

EDIT: Production stills for episode 13 have been added to the gallery, enjoy!