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‘Dollhouse’ Details

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the developments on this new show, I’ve posted the basic synopsis (as written by Joss Whedon himself) and the little information that there is on Amy’s character — Dr. Claire Saunders — below.

If you wish to read further details, though be aware of minor spoilers, then head on over to E! Watch with Kristin (opens in a new window.)

“Echo (Eliza Dushku) is a young woman who is literally everybody’s fantasy. She is one of a group of men and women who can be imprinted with personality packages, including memories, skills, language—even muscle memory—for different assignments. The assignments can be romantic, adventurous, outlandish, uplifting, sexual and/or very illegal. When not imprinted with a personality package, Echo and the others are basically mind-wiped, living like children in a futuristic dorm/lab dubbed the Dollhouse, with no memory of their assignments—or of much else. The show revolves around the childlike Echo’s burgeoning self-awareness, and her desire to know who she was before, a desire that begins to seep into her various imprinted personalities and puts her in danger both in the field and in the closely monitored confines of the Dollhouse.”

What does the actress who plays Dr. Claire Saunders need to bring to the table?
Visible facial scars from a razor-blade attack somewhere in her past or a cooperative, calm personality and a willingness to sit quietly in a prosthetic makeup chair for extended periods each day. Scars notwithstanding, I’m kind of seeing Cynthia Watros or Kathleen Robertson in the part…

Recurring Role: Looks after the physical well-being of the dolls. Has an acid wit that she usually reserves for Topher, who may only be kidding about being smitten with her. (Or he may not.) She is scarred from a razor attack.

Source: E! Watch with Kristin