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‘Dollhouse’ DVD News & Season Finale

Thanks to Dollverse for the info:

The press release for episode 12 of Dollhouse, titled ‘Omega’, says that it’s the season finale — FOX has decided not to air episode 13 after all — but it will be available on the season 1 DVD, which will be released sometime after Comic-Con in San Diego (end of July.)

And finally, FOX are still deciding whether to renew Dollhouse or not, though there have been rumours of a second season being confirmed.

Bittersweet news. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. I really hope this series continues. I think that the potential for a really engrossing series has been shown this first season. There are many aspects of the show that lead me to think that there is going to be a wonderful amount of depth and enjoyment if this series continues.

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