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‘Dollhouse’ Fridays

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, but things seem to have quietened down again. However, I wanted to post about Ian’s post at Dollrific! regarding the new slot for Dollhouse — it is the best optimistic reasoning I’ve come across. An extract is posted below.

• Dollhouse actually faced a greater chance of cancellation on Monday (its original air day). Mondays are the most watched night of the week, so expectations would have been extraordinarily high (considering Dollhouse’s big names and the show’s never ending buzz). In all honesty, a genre show like Dollhouse probably wouldn’t have lived up to those expectations. Friday, the week’s second least watched night (after Saturday), won’t demand as high ratings out of the gate, hopefully giving the show more time to find an audience.

• Fox’s underperforming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has also been moved to Friday nights. It’ll air at 8:00, giving Dollhouse a sci-fi lead-in. (Albeit not a very good one, but a lead-in nonetheless. Originally Dollhouse was to air before 24, without any lead-in).

• Fridays are the new “get your geek on” sci-fi night. With T:SCC at 8, Dollhouse at 9, and the final season of Battlestar Galactica airing at 10 on the SCI FI channel, this is something genre fans can get excited about. Going out on Friday night? TiVo the 3 hours and watch it on Saturday (or just as easily watch it online).

Source: Dollrific!