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‘Dollhouse’ News Round up

After the recent lack of news surrounding Dollhouse, things are back in full swing! ;)

Three of the The first six episodes have been named;

• 1×01 – Ghost
• 1×02 – Gray Hour
• 1×03 – The Target
• 1×04 – Stage Fright
• 1×05 – Man on the Street
• 1×06 – True Believer

Thanks to Dollrific! for the updated info!

– Joss Whedon himself posted another update at Whedonesque regarding the status of Dollhouse following the 2 week shutdown in production. The main points are posted below, courtesey of Dollverse;

• Steve DeKnight is off as consulting producer and replacing him is the incomparable Jane Espenson.
• The character of November no longer exists, but actress Miracle Laurie has been given another role.
• Reed Diamond has joined the cast as the head of security at the Dollhouse. His character’s name is Laurence Dominic.
• The original pilot “Echo” is no longer episode 2. In fact it’s no longer an episode. In its place is “Gray Hour”.
• Tim Minear is still scheduled to write a two parter that leads us into episode 13, which may or may not be the season finale depending on if FOX order the back nine or not.

And finally, the official website has been launched at — it features a nifty flash intro with new artwork of Miss Dushku.