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‘Dollhouse’ News Round-up

Time for another news round-up! Exciting news so be sure to take a moment to read. :)

• The launch of Dollhouse has been confirmed to be mid-January; Mondays at 8pm. It will act as a lead in to 24, which will start it’s seventh season.

• The episode order has been increased from 7 to 13, but there is also room for expansion to 22 episodes if required.

• As previously mentioned, because of the fewer ad breaks each episode will now run for 50 minutes, as opposed to the usual 42 minutes.

• And finally, Canadian network CanWest has picked up the show and will be airing a similar slot to the US. The second pickup so far is Australia.

If you live outside the US, now is the time to let broadcasters know that you want them to air Dollhouse! They start visiting the LA Screenings shortly, which is where they make programme purchases.

Source: Dollverse