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‘Dollhouse’ Production & Episodes

Thanks to Dollverse for the info!

Dollhouse will wrap shooting in the next few days, then season 1 will be complete! 14 episodes are more or less in the can, with 13 scheduled to air.

• FOX has changed the episode order, which isn’t too big a deal since the first few episodes are relatively stand alone and some episodes were knowingly shot out of order. This explains why ‘The Target’ is now episode 2, and not episode 3 as previously stated.

• The new episode order, as far as we can tell, is as follows:

1×01 Ghost – Feb. 13 (2nd episode shot)
1×02 The Target – Feb. 20 (4th episode shot)
1×03 Stage Fright – Feb. 27 (5th episode shot)
1×04 Gray Hour – Mar. 6 (3rd episode shot)
1×05 True Believer – Mar. 13 (7th episode shot)
1×06 Man on the Street – Mar. 20 (6th episode shot)