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‘Dollhouse’ Titbit #2

Another titbit regarding Amy’s role on Dollhouse, this time from Joss Whedon. An extract is posted below. It’s looking slightly more hopeful, but still keep your fingers crossed!

Question: Since Amy Acker’s show Happy Town has been picked up, what does that mean for Dr. Saunders on Dollhouse? Is she headed for the attic? –Mike W.
Ausiello: Not if puppetmaster Joss Whedon has anything to say about it. He tells me he’ll be “sending [Happy producers] chocolate and flowers,” he laughs. “We’re desperate to have her.” As such, he is disinclined to put another doctor in the d’house. Only if “we find out that we’re not going to use her for the bulk of the season” would he do that, he says. “[But] everyone is not going to be in every episode, so it’s perfectly possible that there will just be stories that don’t involve Dr. Saunders.”

Source: Ask Ausiello