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DVD Giveaway: Dragon Chronicles – Fire and Ice

SciFiCool is giving away 3 copies of the R2 version of Fire & Ice otherwise known as The Dragon Chronicles. Read on for the details!

Metrodome is releasing “Dragon Chronicles: Fire & Ice” on DVD September 7th, but instead of buying it, you can win a free DVD copy courtesy of and Metrodome, and who doesn’t like free stuff? We currently have three copies of the DVD to give away to three lucky winners, and all you have to do is follow the instructions below. You can follow instructions, can’t you?

Here’s how to enter: Send an email to with the subject header: “Fire and Ice DVD Giveaway”. In the body, list at least two TV shows that Amy Acker has been on, either as a regular or as a recurring character (no one-shot appearances!). The giveaway will expire on September 11th, and three entrants will be chosen at random. We will then email the winners and ask for their snail mail address. And that’s about it. Pretty simple, right? Told you.

NOTE: The DVD will be in Region-2, so make sure your DVD player can play this format, or is region-free.

Be sure to visit the site as it contains a version of the trailer we’ve already seen (Amy scenes aren’t new) but with more footage of the dragons and it has a stunning title — I’ve added the new artwork to the gallery; a preview is to your right — and while it doesn’t feature Amy, I gotta say, it is stunning and makes me a little more excited for this release!