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EW: Spoiler Room

Anything on The Gifted? I wish Amy Acker were playing a mutant! — Megan
Hey, she’s got plenty coming up, even as a mom without mutant powers. As Caitlin Strucker, she’ll have a lot of internal drama to wrestle with: “When she finds out that her kids are mutants and that her daughter has actually been hiding this from them for a few years and that her son is just finding his abilities, it really starts her questioning whether she’s been believing all the wrong things all this time,” Acker teases. “Maybe she hasn’t spoken up for the things she should have, and maybe she’s been too complacent. It’s a really interesting part to think about: Even if something doesn’t affect us, should we have been fighting for that?” In other words, don’t expect Acker to play a shrinking violet when things start spiraling out of control.

Source: EW