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Fashion Week Article

A cute article with a mention of Amy at her very first Fashion Week show; namely Nicole Miller.

There are certain Fashion Week milestones we greet like old friends, and one of them is the inevitable Epic Eyesight Fail that causes us to wildly misidentify a member of the front row. Our inaugural brain fritz happened at Nicole Miller — on Friday night, when we walked into the venue and saw comedian Rachael Harris talking to a bespectacled guy. “What is Ray Romano doing here?” we wondered aloud, as a pretty brunette passed by us. She shot us a very confused look — almost concerned, really, as if she were worried we might have sprouted a tumor. She was right: It was not Ray Romano, and as a flashbulb illuminated his face, it had in fact never been less Ray Romano, and we may need to get our heads X-rayed next week.

It turns out the girl who overheard us, and appeared to (correctly) think we were insane, was actress Amy Acker, best known for her work on Angel, and current star of Person of Interest. Acker looked really cute in a springy blue and black sleeveless dress, and seemed really tickled by the whole Fashion Week scene, which she was taking in for the first time. She sat next to Not Ray Romano, in the vicinity of Daisy Fuentes and sitting several bodies down from her co-star Michael Emerson’s wife, Carrie Preston of True Blood.

Source: The Cut