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21 and a Wake-Up

Character: Caitlin Murphy

Directed by: Chris McIntyre

Written by: Chris McIntyre

Cast Members: Danica McKellar, J.C. Chasez, Faye Dunaway, Todd Cahoon, Kristyn Green, Andre Royo, Ray Julian Torres

Released date: October 30, 2009

Genre: Drama

Following the lives of a dozen soldiers, doctors, nurses and journalists through a single week in 1971 as America's commitment to the Indochina War waned and resources were held back.

Notable Mentions
• Filmed on location in Ben Tre; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
• Other locations included Huntington Park, California.
• Budget was $3 million.
• The first (and only) American film about the Second Indochina War to be shot on location where the actual events took place.
• Expected December 2008 release (US) and Spring 2009 release (Vietnam).
• The trailer premiered in December 2008 and the director confirmed a March/Spring 2009 release (US).
• First screened at the USO in Chicago on January 22, 2009 for a large military audience. Then was tested at Pepperdine University for the “Great American Directors” series to solicit a teenage viewpoint.
• The cast and crew screening took place in Los Angeles on March 3, 2009.
• Released in theatres in the Chicago area on October 30, 2009.
• Upcoming theatre showings included Washington, DC and San Jose, CA [2010].
• Released on Region 1 DVD on Thanksgiving; November 25, 2010.
• The R1 DVD is only available to purchase via the official website with a portion of the proceeds going to Military/Women’s/Medical charities with the aim of raising a million dollars for charity.

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