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Con Man

Character: Dawn Jones

Created by: Alan Tudyk

Directed by: Alan Tudyk

Written by: Alan Tudyk

Produced by: Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, PJ Haarsma

Cast Members: Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Mindy Sterling, Liza Lapira, Tricia Helfer, Felicia Day, Sean Astin, Sean Maher, Wil Wheaton, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Gina Torres, Michael Trucco, and many more!

Released date: September 30, 2015

Episode(s) Number: 1x01, 1x11, 1x12, 1x13, 2x09, 2x10, 2x12

Genre: Comedy, Web Series

Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) was a co-star on "Spectrum", a sci-fi series which was canceled -Too Soon- yet became a cult classic. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred in the series and has gone on to become a major movie star. While Jack enjoys the life of an A-lister, Wray tours the sci-fi circuit as a guest of conventions, comic book stores, and lots of pop culture events. The show will feature all the weird and crazy things that happen to Wray along the way to these events.

The series is a light-hearted take on the personalities, luminaries, and characters in the sci­fi community we are privileged to call ourselves members. Con Man is a way to share some of the surreal occurrences we have had, while telling the story of a guy learning to love and embrace his fans.

I wanted to make a show that featured all of my favorite convention artists and friends together. Not only that, I wanted to celebrate the world where heroes, villains, zombie hunters, and space pirates all overlap. I especially wanted to work with my friend Nathan Fillion again.
– Alan Tudyk

1×02 – Cash Poor: Wray meets his convention assistant, Karen, who is a machine, a machine, a soft serve machine. Wray signs autographs for his fans and agrees to work on his audition scenes with his manager, Bobbie.

1×11 – Full Release: Spectrum’s creator leaks the lost episode of the show and breaks the Internet. Bobbie, Wray and his 90 year old roommate and former stuntman for actresses, Dale, watch it together. Wray’s late co-star Bruise Camp Bell gets a dedication.

1×12 – Found and Lost: The cast of Spectrum (save for the late Bruise Camp Bell) has a reunion at Jack Moore’s house, where they watch the lost episode and consider whether to do the Spectrum movie. Jack’s pulled over by a cop, who’s luckily a huge fan.

1×13 – Too Much Closure for Comfort: During the reunion, Wray has a one on one with each of his Spectrum co-stars and realizes how much doing the movie means to them. Also, his militant co-star Stutter, who still holds an old grudge against Wray, exacts his cheesy revenge.

2×09 – Back to the Past: The cast of Spectrum reunites at Shock-A-Con and Jack asks Wray to keep an eye on them while he finishes securing financing for the Spectrum movie.

2×10 – Dawn of Girth: The gloves come off when the lost Hemsworth, Girth, wanders out of the outback and into the running for the titular character in Doctor Cop Lawyer.

2×12 – Shock to the System: Girth Hemsworth and Wray compete for the role of Dr. Officer Blade Slater, Esq.

Notable Mentions
Con Man is a web series by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion; and produced by the fans!
• The original campaign was 735% funded on April 10, 2015 — they only asked for $425,000! This means that a total of 12 episodes will be produced, as opposed to the original 3 episodes.
• The episodes will be available on Vimeo in HD, along with closed captioning, when production has been completed. The episodes will also eventually be available on Blu-Ray!
• Amy has co-starred with Nathan Fillion in Much Ado About Nothing and Alan Tudyk in Dollhouse.
• Amy’s guest appearance was announced April 2015 (along with a slew of other guest stars!)
• The very first episode aired September 30, 2015.
• You can spot Amy on the TV in a non credited episode, namely 1×02.
• Amy is featured during the latter half of the season; namely episodes 11, 12 & 13.
• Season 2 commenced production in June 2016, with behind-the-scenes images confirming that Amy is reprising her role as ‘Dawn’!
• Season 1 of Con Man was exclusively streamed via Vimeo; whereas season 2 shall be airing via Comic-Con HQ, which also backed production of season 2.
• The region free DVD/Blu-Ray of Con Man has now sold out, but both seasons are/will be available to stream via Comic-Con HQ. [2016]
• Season 2 premiered on December 8, 2016.
• Amy’s season 2 guest appearances (2×09-2×10 & 2×12) premiered on January 19, 2017 & January 26, 2017 respectively.
• The entire series of Con Man (seasons 1 & 2) are available to purchase on iTunes (UK)!

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