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Eight Minutes

Character: Amy #5

Directed by: Dettre Schmidt

Written by: Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre

Cast Members: Timm Sharp, Erin Fisk, Scott Blackburn, Matt Saunders, Lee Schall, Jennifer Bledsoe, Emma Bates, Sharlene Ruffino, Vanessa Waters, Robyn Simms


Some people say you can tell all you need to know about a person in the first eight minutes. Some even say you can find true love.

Welcome to Speed Dating, a matchmaking service provided by the local temple to help Jewish singles. Participants get eight minutes with eight different potential mates – after each date, a rating card is filled out and if two people correlate on the cards, a Rabbi calls them the next day with the phone number of their match.

GAV (22, desperately neurotic) is convinced this is his best shot at love. Determined not to blow his sixty-four minutes of romance, he spends the week leading up to the event training with the intensity of an Olympic athlete. Gav prepares index cards detailing “breezy questions” as part of his tactical plan of attack. With the help of his friends, he carefully refines his wardrobe, attitude, and strategy into the perfect eight-minute date.

However, on the big day, the Rabbi announces that the dates will be only seven minutes each, and Gav is forced to frantically improvise with disastrous results.

Notable Mentions
• Filmed entirely on location in Los Angeles.
• First film project taken on by Amy and Timm Sharp, who had both recently moved to Los Angeles from New York; the official website incorrectly states that Amy is from New York — as you may know, she is from Dallas, Texas, and moved to New York to seek a career in theatre, but wound up doing television instead.
• Amy and Timm Sharp have also co-starred in The Energy Specialist (2000).
• The film was submitted to an array of film festivals, but as far as I’m aware, hasn’t had a screening.
• The official website is no longer online, but can viewed via Internet Wayback Archive.
• Emma Bates would later co-star with Amy in Much Ado About Nothing (2012).

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